Translation of redemption in Spanish:


salvación, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈdɛm(p)ʃ(ə)n//rəˈdɛm(p)ʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    salvación feminine
    Religion redención feminine
    • There would be some vindication, some redemption, some soul-cleansing.
    • But the heart of man the bible says, is still wicked and evil and needs redemption.
    • There is absolutely no hope of redemption, now, so just give up.
    • You no longer have to make sacrifices in somebody else's name, trying to get yourself saved or to earn redemption.
    • When we rebuke or expose an evil, we have the duty to hope for the redemption, not the condemnation, of the sinner.
    • Fortunately, the powers of friendship, redemption and the spirit of Christmas conquer all.
    • The film however plays down overt preaching, treating the themes of good, evil, sacrifice and redemption as the kind of cornerstones that any classic drama is built on.
    • It's a movie that tosses around notions of racism, evil and redemption.
    • Chasing a desire ‘to live and to die’ in Paris, and unable to find spiritual redemption, she eventually drinks poison.
    • The African people are looking to their leaders for the redemption of the continent from what has plagued it for so long.
    • Every soul can be saved, and everyone is capable of redemption.
    • Being a chemist is key to his plan for redemption and as he goes along we understand where his flaws are.
    • It's about the redemption of evil by self-sacrificial love.
    • Why must he tug on my heartstrings, moving me to tears, when there could be no redemption, no saving me?
    • A play of cruelty and redemption, evil and hope.
    • I don't know, maybe I should use a theme of redemption from evil, or overbooking airline reservations, or something like that.
    • Part of this whole tragedy was his fault if not all of it and the only way to redemption was to save the innocent life of one boy even at the cost of his own.
    • For once a population is deemed evil, with no hope of redemption, its members have little left to lose.
    • I wanted redemption, instead, I've just added one evil onto another.
    • You have to believe in the redemption of mankind.
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    • 2.1(of debt)

      pago masculine
      liquidación feminine
      cancelación feminine
      amortización feminine
      • Neither was that interest paid on redemption of the shares.
      • Including nonrecurring charges and extraordinary gains from bond redemptions, the total net loss for fiscal 2001 was $98.9 million.
      • Buying the shares later to fulfill the bond redemption was preferred to paying cash to the bondholders because the share price was declining.
      • About 22 per cent of those targeted responded, said Ferguson, and the redemption on samples hit 80 per cent.
      • Can you help to speed up a repayment of £200.21 due from Barclays bank, following the redemption of our mortgage?
      • If you hold the gilt until redemption, the gain of £20 would be tax-free.
      • First, he says that he had, in the circumstances, a right to redemption of weekly payments.
      • It is not in dispute that the securitization transaction constituted a refunding operation in that the proceeds of the securitization were applied toward the redemption of the Bonds.
      • Since the redemption was to be accomplished through an amendment to the Trust Indenture, acceptance by holders holding two-thirds of the Debentures was required.
      • Cash bonuses, including redemptions of loan stock, paid by the Board over the past 10 years amount to more than €90 million.
      • A poison put gives the bond holder the right to call for early redemption of the bond for cash or shares.
      • The Government is poised for the redemption of securities maturing during the next few months.
      • ‘If managers expect heavy redemptions, they may hold more cash than they normally do,’ says Johnson.
      • The schemes have come in for redemption and the Securities and Exchange Board of India has directed Indian Bank Mutual Fund to formulate a method of meeting payment commitments.
      • This early redemption is simply a must, considering the terms of issuance and sale of these bonds, he said.
      • Therefore, the clearing system and the clients of other banks demanding redemption set narrow limits to the issuing of fiduciary media.
      • Thus the discount is not regarded as disguised interest and the obligations to repurchase bad debts are not viewed as disguised rights of redemption.
      • The par amount is the capital sum that will be paid when the bond is due for redemption.
      • Under such constraints, the consolidation of airport finances was achieved through a general policy of applying operating surpluses to supplementary debt redemption.
      • ‘I was impressed that net cash redemptions weren't larger,’ he says, adding that some bond funds and money-market funds had record inflows.

    • 2.2(of trading stamps, coupons)

      canje masculine