Translation of redevelop in Spanish:


reurbanizar, v.

Pronunciation /riːdɪˈvɛləp//ˌridəˈvɛləp/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • International tensions meant that she had little contact with Mary of England's work in restoring and redeveloping Catholicism.
    • I recycle our garden waste, old clothes and shoes and even the rubble and soil I dug from the garden when I redeveloped it.
    • I would like to point out that all the old wood pews were removed when the church was modernised and redeveloped last year.
    • We criticized the CIA for not redeveloping these capabilities during the 1990s, so it could penetrate terrorist cells.
    • Developers buy old, unused, dilapidated hotels and redevelop them into brand new upscale luxury condos.
    • It is redeveloped as a child development centre, where staff from health, social services and education would assess children with learning difficulties.
    • Mr Ward believes redeveloping libraries as discovery centres is the way to reverse the decline in visitor numbers.
    • It needs only the effort to redevelop it again, and this will be one of the richest countries in the Middle East.
    • There's a few changes occurring there, with them getting me more involved with redeveloping the intranet.
    • He met members of staff and all those who had been involved in redeveloping the complex.
    • The former mill was redeveloped in 1996 for £4 million using Government and local authority money.
    • The Yorkshire Post understands the cost of redeveloping the current ground would be in the region of £20m to £25m.
    • It is only natural that some racecourses will be investing more heavily in redeveloping facilities than others in 2005.
    • Items on the agenda included the results of a feasibility study of redeveloping a ward block and a vision to improve the way the hospital runs.
    • Downton residents are up in arms after the firm redeveloping the old tannery erected ‘unsightly’ containers for wheelie bins in front of the historic building.
    • That is the way we have operated right from the beginning in redeveloping the stadium.
    • Why waste good money redeveloping a stadium no one wants?
    • But Morley is understood to be considering redeveloping the space as high-quality office accommodation.
    • The Hospice 2000 Appeal aims to raise £2million to redevelop the hospice and extend its services to care for more people.
    • I've started to redevelop my addiction to news.