Translation of redial in Spanish:


volver a marcar, v.

Pronunciation /riːˈdʌɪl//riˈdaɪ(ə)l/

transitive and intransitive verbredialled, redialling, redialing, redialed

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    volver a marcar
    volver a discar Southern Cone
    • And that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact you were on the phone all morning, dialing and redialing the same number?
    • She played with her cell phone the entire time, dialing and redialing numbers.
    • I rolled my eyes as I hung up, then redialed the number that he'd given me.
    • ‘Bye,’ Sara said as she hung up and redialed David's number.
    • Chad picked up his phone again and redialed Bethany's number.
    • She picked up the phone again and redialed the number.
    • Ned says to redial the last number on Corey's phone.
    • He redialed Jacques' number, and left another voice mail.
    • I tried hanging up and redialing, but it was still dead.
    • I have listened to my own staff sat at a desk constantly redialling Trading Standards and taking three to four hours to get through.
    • When it didn't come Ashley furiously redialed the number.
    • I then redialled the last number on my mobile as I faced him.
    • Abi yelled into the phone, hung up, picked up the phone and redialed Sarah's number.
    • One evening last summer I spent an hour or two dialling and redialling the same telephone number in order to cast a vote for the conservation of a building I had never seen.
    • After about five minutes of redialing, since the keys stick, I finally got the number right.
    • Jared's hands shook with excitement as he redialed the hotel's number, amazed at how easy this all was.
    • He redialed the number of the bodyguard and waited for him to pick up.
    • Speed dial is required to minimize the time a subscriber has to spend dialing or redialing.
    • So I redialled, whereupon I was put through to the wrong department.
    • Noticing that she didn't say anything more, he redialed the number on his cell phone.


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    rellamada feminine
    automatic redial rellamada automática
    • before noun redial button tecla de rellamada