Translation of redress in Spanish:


reparación, n.

Pronunciation: /rɪˈdrɛs//rəˈdrɛs/


  • 1

    (of a wrong)
    reparación feminine
    Law reparación feminine
    Law compensación feminine
    Law resarcimiento masculine
    to seek redress through the courts tratar de obtener reparación / compensación / resarcimiento judicial
    • you have no redress no tienes derecho a ningún tipo de compensación
    • right of redress derecho a presentar recurso
    • Our courts are clogged with lawsuits pleading redress of wrongs perpetrated on individual employees.
    • Only the company can seek redress for such wrongs.
    • There are times when individuals who have been wronged must join together to seek redress.
    • The only wrongs he seeks to redress are those he perceives as having been inflicted by an uncaring world on himself.
    • Court based compensation is rooted in ancient common law - the right to seek redress against those who have done us wrong.
    • The descendants of those great artists are sticking together and going to court to seek redress.
    • There are two main routes by which aggrieved patients may seek redress for unsatisfactory health care.
    • It does not agree with the Government that pecuniary compensation would not provide redress.
    • The right to seek redress of wrongs in court is precious and should not be restricted or abridged, based on myths.
    • The plaintiff voluntarily seeks redress from these defendants.
    • The common law claim for restitution would be the means of redress.
    • I will not hesitate to seek for an immediate legal redress through my solicitors for any consequential loss.
    • This has had to include the appropriate redress of grievances against government.
    • It also provided civil remedies to petitioners seeking redress which was unavailable at common law.
    • It did not matter that certain persons may well have been able to seek legal redress.
    • It is a tort suit that is calculated to provide full redress from the perpetrator.
    • This means that it is clearly open to non-Jewish claimants to seek redress.
    • Natural and statutory law, a sense of justice, and logic explain why people seek redress for wrongs suffered.
    • The agreement provides for adequate redress for the wrongs.
    • And only in rare instances is it possible to seek redress from a higher court quickly.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (error/wrong) reparar
    (wrong/error) enmendar
    (imbalance) corregir