Translation of reduction in Spanish:


reducción, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈdʌkʃ(ə)n//rəˈdəkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in numbers, size, spending)

      reducción feminine
      • As we saw in the US earlier in the year, the immediate reaction of share prices to interest rate reductions tends to be positive.
      • A reduction in the use of pesticides and a clean-up of waterways are part of the plan.
      • A reduction in fuel subsidies is planned for October, which will cause fuel prices to increase.
      • A reduction in the city's 50 percent parking tax also could be part of the mix, said Roddey.
      • A reduction in salt can help reduce blood pressure.
      • We saw price reductions and some service quality improvements in our telecommunications sector and Victoria's electricity supply.
      • He went on to express the hope that the removal of the grant would be reflected in a reduction of house prices.
      • If there's a sustained period of reduced car crime and a reduction in claims, I think we would expect to see some sort of reduction in your car insurance, or alternatively a slow-down in the rate of increase.
      • A reduction in size at that time may have allowed buntings to exploit that new food resource (grass seeds).
      • A reduction in the intensity of training is recommended during the healing period.
      • Britain has seen sustained real price reductions in sourcing energy.
      • The idea of getting price reductions for customers by bulk buying was a unique service and about as heavily promoted as any e-commerce service has been to date.
      • The price reductions benefit colleges, which receive volume discounts from resellers.
      • This year's price reductions have only come about because of meaningful threats from the regulator.
      • We can deliver 30 to 40% price reductions each year.
      • Some of the majors have recently announced price reductions (99 cents a track, $1.49 a track, etc.).
      • A reduction in winds can also limit the availability of nutrients.
      • The spokesman said the signs were very useful in combating excess speed, showing reductions on average of eight or nine miles per hour.
      • Far from being a humanitarian action, the price reductions represent an attempt to preserve patent rights by diffusing international pressure for generic manufacturing.
      • After reduction, the units of silver are referred to as grains.
      • A reduction in duties and taxes can significantly influence demand in a category that is price-sensitive.
      • A reduction in programming errors and increased reliability are additional benefits reaped by using a common code base.
      • Because they buy goods directly from producers in huge quantities, they receive price reductions, which they then pass on to customers.
      • A reduction in tooth decay would reduce the risks of children dying during dental anaesthetics.
      • This should come as no surprise, given market concerns over consumer and corporate spending and confidence, price reductions, margin erosion and intense competition.
      • After reduction, the print should be agitated in rapid fixer for 30 seconds before toning.
      • A reduction in perceived risk or an increase in the expected future cash flow of the corporate sector would cause stock prices to rise.
      • A reduction in flights would have had little adverse effect on my progress through the program.
      • The proposals call for sugar quota and price reductions of 16% and 33% respectively.
      • A reduction in the dividend would save the company £150 million.
      • A reduction in competition is not what consumers want.
      • A reduction in expertise will result, but will divert minor problems to a more accessible clinic.
      • The Fed's five interest rate reductions this year have lowered the overnight bank lending rate to 4 percent.
      • It says Ford is demanding 30 percent price reductions in light of the impending free trade agreement with China.
      • It should not therefore fall within Article 30, even if it did in fact lead to a reduction in imports.
      • They demand and get price reductions of three, four or five percent every year on existing products.
      • Competition in the mainland's dairy industry, with more than 1,500 players, may also lead to price and margin reductions, it warned.
      • This oversupply has led to severe competition between the many of the players, which is often manifested as price reductions or discounts in order to clear excess inventory.
      • In any industry, oversupply leads to price reductions and pressure on profit margins.
      • Motorists will welcome the continuing reductions in fuel prices, thanks to lower crude costs and the strengthening of the euro against the dollar.

    • 1.2(in prices, charges)

      rebaja feminine
      a reduction of 5% una rebaja / un descuento del 5%

    • 1.3Photography

      copia en tamaño reducido feminine
      • Two of the works that they acquired were bought as reductions of the previously mentioned Napoleon at Fontainebleau and Napoleon Crossing the Alps.
      • The painting itself did not subsequently spawn any of the painted repetitions and reductions that complicate the pedigree of Delaroche's later works.
      • Experimentation is necessary to determine the dilution required for a particular reduction.

    • 1.4Medicine

      reducción feminine
      • Fractures that are difficult to reduce or unstable after reduction may require orthopedic or hand referral.
      • Most patients with hip fracture require surgical reduction and internal fixation.
      • The following are the requisites for an acceptable reduction of any fracture listed in order of importance.
      • Seven years prior to admission, he sustained a traumatic ankle fracture that required surgical reduction.
      • Muscle spasm sets in shortly after dislocation, making reduction more difficult.
      • Closed fractures of the distal phalanx may require reduction but usually are minimally displaced and stable, and can be splinted.
      • However, this break would require reduction and casting, and orthopedic referral.
      • If adequate sedation and pain relief are not possible, reduction under general anaesthetic may be necessary to minimise the risk of complications for both the patient and the doctor.
      • The surgeon performs a trial reduction by maneuvering the hip joint through range of motion.
      • Subsequent plain films and computed tomography confirmed satisfactory reduction with no acetabular fracture.
      • Failure to reduce the dislocation successfully using these methods necessitates reduction under general anesthesia.
      • Reduction of acute nasal fractures in the primary care setting is confined largely to the closed reduction of mild unilateral fractures.
      • If the dislocation is irreducible or unstable after reduction, referral to an orthopedic or hand subspecialist is advised.
      • Occasionally, however, we need to flash sterilize an internal fixation screw set for an emergency open reduction with internal fixation of a fracture.
      • Radiographs should be taken when the physician is uncertain of dislocation or reduction.

  • 2

    • 2.1(simplification)

      reducción feminine
      • The reduction of reasoning to mechanical calculation that they identified is no clearer than in the inhuman logic of capitalist exchange.
      • Along with its adoption has come a simplification and reduction of the concept into forms that are more readily measured and calculated.
      • This process of simplification and hybridization involves reduction of linguistic resources and restriction of use to such limited functions as trade.
      • I find this reduction of the subject to a victim sad.

    • 2.2(to undesirable condition)

      reducción feminine
      reduction to the ranks degradación feminine

    • 2.3Mathematics

      simplificación feminine
      • In particular Zhang sees the reduction of fractions to a common denominator as hard.

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    reducción feminine
    • For example reduction of ethanol gives the alkene ethene.
    • Oxidation and reduction are two processes that are quite common in chemical reactions.
    • The carboxyl group can also be converted into an alcohol by reduction of the carbonyl carbon.
    • Secondary alcohols can be formed by reduction of the ketone by hydrogen gas in the presence of a catalyst.
    • The chemical reduction of nitrate to nitrite requires metabolic energy.