Translation of reductive in Spanish:


reduccionista, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈdəktɪv//rɪˈdʌktɪv/


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    • The need to escape the reductive view of sex work as only a career is another important theme in the book, which is developed in the chapters on France, Brazil, Lima, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.
    • However, most of the major statements on critical pedagogy reinscribe a more reductive view of power in the classroom.
    • I thought we were getting overly reductive and simplistic.
    • Furthermore, the underlying suggestion of an inherent connection between physicality and culture seems awkwardly reductive.
    • ‘It's the most reductive story in the song,’ says Marcus.
    • We commonly understand stereotyping as a negative and reductive way of reinforcing power relations, eg: ‘Men are better at maths and science than women.’
    • It is the kind of film that, without being overly simplistic or reductive, you could show to a sixth grade class of students and they would clearly understand ‘what's going down.’
    • He had retreated into a reductive cynicism, whose one belief, and satirical tactic, argued that behind every purportedly noble trend lurked greed, lust or madness.
    • Crass, cheap, reductive and - if viewed in a certain light - even rather homophobic?
    • But such a view is surely reductive: Young has not only been actively releasing albums throughout the 90s and into the 00s, but several of them been unexpectedly solid as well.
    • What is bad about all terror is when it is attached to religious and political abstractions and reductive myths that keep veering away from history and sense.
    • The imagination, ethics, and, ultimately, logic itself demand a less reductive view.
    • This might be too reductive, but there always seems to be a man, a woman and a child as the central axis.
    • Not only is this view reductive, it reinscribes the ethnocentrism of the Britain's imperialist past under the guise of making a ‘safer’ present through the same war-mongering means.
    • The comparisons Malick makes are simplistic and reductive.
    • It's a reductive attitude that sells Scotland short and it's one I detest.
    • Their speech is poor, short, simplistic, and reductive of the complexity of the situation.
    • I think people want the discourse to be elevated a little bit, to be a little more challenging with your subject matter, and with your characters, and not reductive about them.
    • Any professors worthy of the title have strong views, of course, but they should also have a keen sense that those views may be wrong, or based on incomplete evidence, or highly reductive.
    • Science, he argues, is necessarily reductive, and reductive science undermines humanist ideas about phenomena such as consciousness or free will.