Translation of redundancy in Spanish:


superfluidad, n.

Pronunciation: /rɪˈdʌnd(ə)nsi//rəˈdəndənsi/


  • 1

    • 1.1formal (superfluity)

      superfluidad feminine
      the apparent redundancy of this appendix la aparente superfluidad / inutilidad de este apéndice
      • This level of redundancy exists not only at the component level, but also at the distribution level.
      • The higher the availability requirements, the more redundancy and component removability you require.
      • The helicopter systems and components have redundancy, the duplicated systems being installed on opposite sides of the fuselage.
      • Two of the most important factors structural engineers have to consider are robustness and redundancy.
      • Without an understanding of where breakdowns and failures occur, redundancy is the insurance policy.

    • 1.2Linguistics

      redundancia feminine

    • 1.3Computing Aerospace

      redundancia feminine

  • 2British

    (loss of job)
    despido masculine
    cese masculine
    before noun redundancy money / pay / payment indemnización (por despido / cese) feminine