Translation of reefer in Spanish:


canuto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrifər//ˈriːfə/


dated, slang

  • 1

    canuto masculine informal
    toque masculine Mexico informal
    varillo masculine Colombia informal
    pito masculine Chile informal
    • And I would go out the back door, through the corridors that ran behind the stores, and find a place to fire up a bowl and take a couple hits of reefer.
    • Hide hand-rolled cigarettes and an occasional reefer from folks at church.
    • Unfortunately, at 14, Michael was interested in smoking reefer, petty larceny, hookers, LSD and basketball.
    • A national newspaper carried a big cartoon of him sitting in a theatre with his open cue case by his side and a very long reefer in his hand, with an usher in the background claiming he thought he had his cue in his case.
    • Chancellor Kiryl sighed a bit, took a long puff on his reefer, and blew the smoke out in a long, thin gray cloud.
    • If they're not out raving all night hopped up on that ecstasy stuff, they're out behind the school listening to rap music, smoking reefer and even, sometimes, Mary Jane.
    • ‘Following this latest incident we did find a lot of used beer cans and reefers which would suggest the area has been targeted for late-night parties,’ he said.
    • I can confirm a 17-year-old from Great Harwood was cautioned for possession of a reefer containing cannabis.
    • Una Persson settled a slim, perfect reefer into her holder and fished her Meredith from her top pocket.
    • I'm not sure if this is normal for most actors, but drinking beer and smoking reefers seems to be the best way to prepare to go onstage for the cast of Wilhelm Reich in Hell.
    • Yet even though Vancouver is known as the Amsterdam of the Pacific Northwest, reefer related businesses have a tenuous existence, operating as they do under the cloud of prohibition.
    • We were standing around it drinking beer and smoking reefer.
    • There were a couple of half-smoked reefers just left lying in the gutter by some kids who probably got spooked by some headlights.
    • She lives in a damp tenement smelling of curry powder and incense with her layabout boyfriend, whose idea of a busy day is to roll a few reefers while listening to Deep Purple.
    • It has become rather hilarious to read about the smelly Beatniks who would not bathe, who stayed up all night at cafes reading poetry and listening to jazz, smoking reefer and bed hopping.
    • By comparison, 9.3 percent of Americans are mad for reefer, 10.6 percent of Britons, and a whopping 15 percent of Australians.
    • Since the 1980s, reefer madness in these rolling hills has grown as fast as a marijuana plant in the Appalachian spring.
    • We are experimenting to find the best method of switching [users] from reefers to other opiates.
    • Any pothead who has ever purchased a bogus.4 count from some foggy-eyed pusher-man in the Berri metro will understand why it's so important to take to the streets in support of easy access to quality legal reefer.
    • Among a couple of hundred slang names for marijuana, some of the most common are: pot, weed, reefer, grass, dope, joint, seed, tea and Texas tea.
    • To Amsterdam, red light capital of the universe, where my man with a reefer reports on the finale to this year's Tall Ships Race.
    • He was sprawled over a comfortable looking chair, a reefer stuck in the corner of his mouth and smoldering softly.
    • She experiments with reefer, makes eyes at the check-out boy and starts talking frankly about sexuality to son Tim, who is justifiably disgusted.
    • There's something magical about the marriage of the incredible mountain scenery, the West Coast ocean air, and the burn of some reefer in your lungs and mind.
    • Then there's Nick, the hot-blooded Sicilian artist who paints scenes from the raw-edged life he leads, and Gene, the blond Viking giant who smokes reefer and plays very, very rough.
    • I thought Jamaica was all sun, giant reefers and smooooth, silky reggae beats.
    • The man proceeded to roll a reefer, clearly spreading out the tobacco and cannabis without apparently any sense of doing anything wrong.
    • A group of us were smoking a poorly rolled, filterless reefer up in the empty nosebleeds at the Coliseum.
    • They put a cannabis reefer between his fingers.
    • Establishments sell grass openly and the customers (Vietnamese rarely smoke) roll and lazily smoke reefers like a cigarette.
    • In interview, Mr Kenny accepted that these were his, and said that he had smoked cannabis - some 5 to 10 reefers a day - to avoid serious ongoing pain and consequent mental suffering caused by his back injury.
    • I was smoking reefer before I played music ever.
    • After getting popped holding 57 pounds of reefer back in '72, he studied social anthropology in prison and is more than happy to wax philosophical about garbage and what it says about our culture.
    • My retinue consisted not of fellow cyclists and fitness heads, but bandmates and the subterfuge associated with playing regularly in a rock band, reefer, and lots of scotch.
    • One reefer, one pill is not on - it's going to impair your ability to drive.
    • Terms from years ago, such as pot, herb, grass, weed, Mary Jane and reefer, are still used.
    • She was unable to hold on to Jonathan, who began his career in foster homes at the age of 4 and would eventually go on his own tour of mental hospitals, thanks to some PCP-laced reefers and his grandparents' willingness to sign forms.
    • Soon, everyone is blowing reefer and getting frisky, and it doesn't take long for clothes - and inhibitions - to hit the floor.