Translation of reek in Spanish:


apestar, v.

Pronunciation /riːk//rik/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to reek of sth apestar a algo
    • I was already beginning to reek and smell, and they were odors other than the normal scents that the body gave off.
    • His grey eyes were bloodshot already, and his breath reeked with the signature stench of alcohol.
    • I think a lot of this is fuelled by drink or drugs and the man that assaulted me certainly reeked of alcohol.
    • As I was walking through the city tonight, I passed by a group of kids who absolutely reeked of dope.
    • What about the seats - some of them reek with manky stinks going back decades.
    • The air reeked with the smell of paint, turpentine, Bull Durham tobacco, and the aromatic Indian herb kinnikinnick.
    • I remember the whole area reeked with the smell of burnt flesh for weeks and weeks after.
    • Over the iron railings, the murky depths of the Cowgate slithered off towards the Grassmarket, encased on either side by dirty stone tenements that reeked of last night's beer.
    • Police officers said the air inside reeked with the smell of drugs.
    • But now she reeked strongly of alcohol, and I didn't like the idea of that.
    • The air increasingly reeked with their foul smells making me sick at my stomach, while their shouted threats and rantings made it hard for me to concentrate and slowly began to unnerve me.
    • It's literally falling apart, it's an absolute pigsty, and it just reeks with the smell of rotting beer.
    • Her breath reeked with the stench of alcohol.
    • The Sasskal's hot breath reeked strongly of raw flesh and stale blood.
    • I dragged my suitcase through the spotless, empty street, which reeked of bleach.
    • The nurse's office smelled - or rather, reeked - strongly of iodine and disinfectant.
    • I'm convinced dogs can't smell a darn thing unless it absolutely reeks.
    • The men wore shiny suits and chunky pinky rings and reeked of pomade and cologne.
  • 2

    (have air of)
    to reek of sth oler a algo
    • It was a stirring creation - a two-tone, metallic-blue convertible roadster that reeked of power and dash.
    • No wonder the Singhalese lawyer was appalled by an approach which reeked of such paternalistic colonialism.
    • Unfortunately, the conservative argument against gay marriage often reeks of hypocrisy.
    • The spin on the Telegraph story is so blatant that it reeks of desperation.
    • On a basic level I understand Mr. Lynch's statement but find that it reeks of arrogance.
    • Whittaker Chambers declared that the writings of Ayn Rand, a hero of the more libertarian right, reeked of fascism and the gas chambers.
    • The whole thing positively reeks of teen spirit, and it's marvellous.
    • His particular brand of late-capitalist pop nihilism combined with his angst-ridden gay teen characters has always reeked of superficiality.
    • His commanding physique simply reeked of total class.
    • To be honest, the Informix purchase reeks of desperation to me.
    • It is her denunciation of the Back to Basics slogan as ‘evil’ that most strongly reeks of hypocrisy.
    • Other folks have just been too unprofessional, or reeked of ‘yahoo’ thrill seeker, or just plain ugly racist.
    • If true, this reeked of media suppression by government.
    • Coming as it does in a period when many cash-strapped independent schools face the prospect of mergers or closure, he suggests that the initiative reeks more of marketing than a genuine desire to stimulate debate.
    • By the time I left for college, my eye-rolling skills were superb, and I had no patience for anything that reeked of mysticism - or of incense.
    • The mere mention of morality reeks of back-to-basics hypocrisy.
    • That movie - which reeked of the arthouse - was a box-office flop, but DiCaprio is far from sorry he took the part.
    • Young is right, of course, on the legal question - it reeks to high heaven of reverse discrimination.
    • I think this whole thing just reeks of a pathetic lack of willpower.
    • When it comes to the humor, Just Married reeks of desperation.
  • 3reeking present participle

    (breath/gutters) maloliente
    (gutters/breath) hediondo


  • 1

    hedor masculine