Translation of reeve in Spanish:


alguacil, n.

Pronunciation /riːv//riv/


  • 1

    (in UK)
    alguacil masculine
    • Some of Colchester's reeves are known from the Pipe Rolls and the earliest from a charter's witness list.
    • Anglo-Norman England was ‘governed’ by local officers: the sheriff and the reeve, based within the shire.
    • Through all these changes, local government remained untouched: the shires and their reeves, the shire court, the Danegeld, the national militia.
    • Whether this reeve consulted informally with the more important townsmen, we can only speculate.
    • They were jurors, reeves and lessees, and in demanding freedom and economic opportunity, they were simply claiming what they regarded as their own.
  • 2

    (in Canada)
    presidente del concejo masculine
    • The reeve of the RM of Stuartburn noted the snow has people living along the Roseau River watching water levels.
    • A reeve near Morris said he felt his area lost a major new job-creating enterprise because of lobbying by Winnipeg.
    • Wally Happychuk is the recently-elected reeve of the RM of Stuartburn.
    • ‘By working together on a solution, we're ensuring that both communities will benefit in the long term,’ Franklin reeve Archie Hunter added.
    • In a telephone interview later, the reeve said he had abstained from voting because presenters speaking against the proposal had expressed strong points that he felt needed more consideration.
    • Houston remembers working with the rural council, and their reeve, Barry Dickson, on different issues.
    • Morris mayor Barrie Stevenson and RM of Morris reeve Herman Martens say there is a need for an adult education centre in Morris.
    • Roger Vermette, reeve of the RM of Montcalm, recalled being Henault's teacher from 1965 to 1967.
    • He was reeve of the RM of Piney from spring of 2002 until his defeat that fall.
    • I encourage all councillors and our reeve to open the books widely, to solicit public input and challenge the status quo.
    • When I called my reeve to enquire about the RM of Reynolds' spray program I was told something about the need to control purple loosestrife and the costs associated with mowing versus spraying.
    • My last comments and questions are directed to our reeve, and council.
    • Tkachuk was elected reeve in the general election last fall.
    • I live in the RM of Reynolds and am appalled by the arrogance of the present reeve and several strong-willed councillors, who along with a few followers, are steam rolling construction of a fire hall in Ward 6 near the hamlet of Prawda.
    • The artifacts are of considerable importance to the history of Richmond, she said, because Kidd was one of the city's most recognized pioneers, a signer of the original petition to incorporate and a local councillor and reeve.
    • Boyd decided not to stand as reeve the following year, or in 1886, when Kilgour decided to dissolve his partnership with Boyd and farm on his own.
    • This is the first time county residents will elect the reeve directly.
    • Members of the La Broquerie fire department put in a 12-hour shift helping the lift station out by pumping water and the public works supervisor put in a full 24-hour shift during the crisis peak, the reeve noted.
    • Former RM of Ste Anne reeve Lee Guetre is seeking the Liberal nomination for Provencher.
    • During the meeting with Vic Toews, the reeve noted the federal government's Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration had called for the study, then said the study was flawed and called for another look.