Translation of reference in Spanish:


alusión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛf(ə)r(ə)ns//ˈrɛf(ə)rəns/


  • 1

    alusión feminine
    referencia feminine
    reference to sth/sb referencia a algo/algn
    • to make reference to sth/sb hacer alusión / referencia a algo/algn
    • The extent to which folk medicine, which I've made reference to, is practiced is a measure of the quality of the medical service available in that community.
    • She then moved to works of a larger scale and in colour, and in the 1980s made reference to art history, fashion photography, television, horror movies and pornography.
    • He made reference to turnover rates of 100%, but if an organisation is achieving such rates then it should really be looking at its own operation and not placing blame elsewhere.
    • Finally, I noticed that a huge number of the stories on Latham's bouts of pancreatitis made reference to how pancreatitis was often triggered by excessive alcohol consumption.
    • One of the poems, written in June 1999, entitled Knocking on Heaven's Door, made reference to ‘one million dollars cash’.
    • The report also made reference to the very good provision in the Speech and Language Centre, which in turn had led to the very good achievement of pupils with speech and communication difficulties.
    • I've written novels which make frequent passing reference to the Soviet Union, Lenin, Trotsky, and communism.
    • Many of those aimed at youngsters are barely monitored and contain explicit sexual references.
    • In his introduction, the Prime Minister made reference to this new type of relationship that China and Australia are developing and the significance of his address to Parliament.
    • It is clear that both Messier and Bronfman had the TimeWarner / AOL model in mind when they made reference to music unfolding on the Internet.
    • They walked in the direction of the barn as he made reference to meeting her models for the project.
    • The title is only passing reference to the Louisville Institute sabbatical that occasioned its writing.
    • So Mr Howard made reference to the proposals for off-shore processing of asylum claims, even if that laid him open to charges of pandering to the far-Right's agenda.
    • Peake also made reference to the existence of the National Lotteries Control Board on Duke Street, which lay in close proximity to the Methodist Church just across the road.
    • Well, the submissions make a passing reference to the fact that Erasmus was of that opinion, your Honour.
    • The objects used in the installation make specific cultural references.
    • For this reason, their value is often calculated by making reference to the long bond yield.
    • The discussion from the Junior Group made reference to the fact that Waterford was not as bad as other cities in relation to crime but that there was a concern over pickpockets.
    • Peter Mandelson and Robin Cook, the cabinet Europhiles, both made reference to ‘new mechanisms’ for dealing with Europe on the conference fringe.
    • Movie themes and pop culture references appear elsewhere.
  • 2

    • 2.1(consultation)

      consulta feminine
      for ease of reference para facilitar la consulta
      • she did it without reference to me lo hizo sin consultarme
      • reference library biblioteca de consulta / de referencia
      • for reference use only para consultar en sala
      • The news that decisions had already been made without reference to the JCR provoked a spontaneous student reaction and more than 60 students gathered to demonstrate against the move.
      • It is clear the applicant made a deliberate decision, without reference to planning officers, to implement changes.
      • This creates a difficulty in relation to powers exercised by local authorities without reference to a court, such as those concerning common lodging-houses.
      • That suggests that BBC Scotland could soon become an independent body, able to make its own decisions on programme making without reference to the board of governors in London.
      • This decision was taken without reference to the employees who have served the company so loyally.
      • He has intervened in Africa without reference to the UN.
      • Quite simply, it authorized the cabinet to make laws it thought appropriate without reference to or approval by the assembly.
      • He could thus establish his own authority without reference to the Soto or Rinzai patriarchal lines.
      • Few buying decisions are made without reference to others, so it is important to identify the members of the decision-making unit.
      • For example, foundation trusts will be able to sell property and retain the proceeds without reference to the strategic health authorities, which currently have a say in the allocation of such proceeds.
      • It seemed that he made that decision on his own, without reference to anyone.
      • Does he not understand the difference between a decision at the end of a democratic consultative process and a decision taken by a whipped parliamentary group without reference to those affected?
      • But soon it spread to giving staff the opportunity to design the layout of a new factory, and from there to letting them set production schedules and targets without reference to managers.
      • There is a rich and diverse range of secular spiritualities, ‘and countless people follow them without reference to religion or any necessary sense of God’.
      • There is further criticism about Kim being allowed to go to work unsupervised, without reference to the High Court, while there were questions over the delay in allowing a public appeal to be issued.
      • The parliament makes laws without reference to Westminster, and the executive decides its own spending priorities and policies without reference to the UK cabinet.
      • The decision was taken without reference to the members who should have been made aware that a funding difficulty existed.
      • Scotland is rightly beginning to build alliances - without reference to London - which could potentially conflict with London's interests.
      • That is, colonial officials and military men out in Malaya or Africa often made policy without reference to London.
      • We were left to make many decisions without reference to the office back in the city.

    • 2.2(indicator)

      referencia feminine
      our reference: FMH/cs nuestra referencia: FMH/cs
      • before noun reference mark llamada
      • reference number número de referencia

  • 3

    • 3.1(scope, remit)

      this matter lies outside the reference of the committee este asunto está fuera de las atribuciones / la competencia del comité
      • point of reference punto de referencia

    • 3.2(relation)

      reference to sth relación con algo feminine
      • to bear/have reference to sth tener relación con algo

  • 4

    • 4.1(testimonial)

      referencia feminine
      informe masculine
      can you provide references? ¿puede facilitarnos referencias?
      • they didn't even take up references ni siquiera pidieron referencias / informes
      • I think that it would be legitimate to ask for references from somebody's employer and bank.
      • The best way of finding a model tenant is to make sure that you obtain at least two references from previous landlords.
      • To apply, submit a curriculum vitae and three letters of reference specifically addressing abilities related to the fellowship.
      • Note to would-be forgers: If you're going to make a fake reference from an employer, don't use stupid clip-art pictures.
      • She handed in a reference from her new employer.
      • It is important to source your tenant from a reliable agency and where possible to get references from previous landlords or even from an employer.
      • Mr Bradshaw handed in references from a previous employer which spoke of her reliability and honesty.
      • ‘I think any employer would want to do a fairly thorough check of references of previous employers of an individual,’ said Mitchell.
      • She went on to read out glowing references from Reynolds' employers and spoke of his role as a volunteer worker.
      • The barrister handed in references from Holland's employers, mother and a family friend.
      • Always check references and speak to previous employers.
      • He stated that relevant weight has not been given to his good teaching record and to letters, testimonials and references from parents appreciating work he has done with their children.
      • If both you and the lender are keen to go ahead, you'll also need to supply things like details of your current mortgage, proof of income, proof of ID, and employers' references.
      • She handed in a character reference from his employer.
      • But Mrs Snobar Hanif said they interviewed the tenants personally and only accepted them after obtaining references from previous landlords and checking with police.
      • She's really down to earth and has fantastic references from her previous employers.
      • Tenants are also expected to supply references from their employer, bank and previous landlord.
      • The Royal College says its report remains confidential to the trust but if Miss Reinbach does apply for another job she will need two references from Scarborough as her previous employer.
      • Bradford Crown Court heard that Ali was a man of no previous convictions and glowing references were handed in.
      • Most letting agents or landlords look for a reference from a previous landlord or an employer reference.

    • 4.2US (person giving testimonial)

      you need two references necesitas el aval de dos personas