Translation of referendum in Spanish:


referéndum, n.

Pronunciation /ˌrɛfəˈrɛndəm//ˌrɛfəˈrɛndəm/

nounPlural referendums, Plural referenda

  • 1

    referéndum masculine
    referendo masculine
    plebiscito masculine
    referendum on sth plebiscito sobre algo masculine
    • to call a referendum convocar un referéndum (or referendo etc.)
    • to hold a referendum celebrar un referéndum (or referendo etc.)
    • to hold a referendum on sth someter algo a referéndum (or referendo etc.)
    • But the single biggest factor that could dictate prices is the French referendum on the European constitution.
    • If a euro referendum is not held before 2006, Mr Brown could have a long wait for the job.
    • Residents will have the final say on the proposals as part of next year's devolution referendum.
    • The second example is about collection of signatures for the presidential recall referendum in Venezuela.
    • French philosopher and social critic Paul Virilio writes on the upcoming French referendum on the European constitution.
    • The promised referendum on independence has never materialised.
    • He could also claim a legitimacy built on a succession of victories in irreproachably clean popular votes in referendums and multi-party elections.
    • His new constitution was approved by a referendum in September 1958.
    • East Timor's struggle for independence was decided by a landmark referendum in August and approved by Indonesia in October.
    • Again, as your correspondents have mentioned, he lost this constitutional referendum in February.
    • If Blair were to lose a euro referendum, he might well be finished as Prime Minister.
    • Madrid supports a UN-sponsored referendum over the future of the territory.
    • Land reform became the cornerstone of Mugabe's agenda after he lost a national constitutional referendum in February 2000.
    • The government's reasons for proposing the citizenship referendum have shifted repeatedly since it was first announced.
    • A special survey of Welsh voters shows next week's devolution referendum in the principality is too close to call.
    • In it, Baudrillard describes the French referendum on the European constitution as a farce, and as state terrorism.
    • The third option is to do nothing until an abortion referendum is held.
    • My first close involvement with Robin was during the devolution referendum campaign of the late 1970s.
    • Sharon could also decide to call a national referendum on the issue, which he would probably win.
    • There is speculation that Britain will hold a national referendum on the issue sometime in 2003.