Translation of refill in Spanish:


repuesto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈriˌfɪl//ˈriːfɪl/


  • 1

    (for pen, deodorant) repuesto masculine
    (for pen, deodorant) recambio masculine
    (for lighter) carga feminine
    (pad/pack) (before noun) de repuesto
    (pad/pack) (before noun) de recambio
  • 2

    would you like a refill? ¿quieres más?
  • 3

    Motor Vehicles
    I need a refill tengo que cargar nafta River Plate

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tank/glass/bottle) volver a llenar
    (tank/bottle/glass) rellenar
    [ S ]this prescription may not be refilled venta exclusiva bajo receta
    • If one doesn't work, he simply refills his bucket and looks for another that does.
    • I refrained from refilling the upstairs bowl for three days, hoping that night starvation would do the job.
    • Dishes were monitored daily for water loss and refilled with distilled water as necessary.
    • A wholesaler refills the containers in my bathroom every six weeks.
    • Three families make their way to the town three times a week to refill their tanks.
    • Empty the tank, dry the inside surfaces and refill with clean water.
    • He rose and refilled his mug, and gave a filled one to Nelson.
    • On his way to refill his glass, Louis saw Roxy flirting with Kenny.
    • Soak for two hours, then drain and refill with fresh water.
    • Open a nearby hot water faucet and the inlet water valve to refill the tank.
    • He likes to ply me full of whiskey, fill and refill my glass.
    • At noon they passed a small waterfall and stopped briefly to refill their bottles.
    • Some critics have also found it ironic that many people who purchase bottled water end up refilling the containers from a tap.
    • The Professor paused to refill his tea cup, offering the pot to the others.
    • We will also be delighted to refill old baskets and window boxes at very reasonable rates.
    • Travellers often buy water at the last minute at the Central station, and some need to refill their containers.
    • You can get reconditioned and refilled cartridges from some retailers and sometimes from the manufacturer.
    • After the café has quieted down, I get an espresso and sit down with it while I refill the sugar containers.
    • I refilled our mugs and returned the pot to the burner.
    • Oh well, she thought, as she began to refill the coffee cups.