Translation of refinance in Spanish:


refinanciar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈfaɪˌnæns//riːˈfʌɪnans//ˌrifəˈnæns/

transitive verb

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    • Many companies, of course, got busy early this year, refinancing old obligations and taking on new loans.
    • To compensate, Americans have refinanced mortgages, piling on the debt and lowering their average net worth.
    • Households also continue to refinance their mortgages or use home-equity loans to fund their shopping sprees.
    • Meanwhile, homeowners are improving their finances by refinancing their mortgages.
    • She refinanced her home in the summer of 2002, lowering her mortgage payment by $160, which she uses to pay down debt.
    • One thing to note, however, is that it is a good idea for companies to refinance their debt to lower their interest rates.
    • The commission summary states that the financed and refinanced projects will generate 620 jobs, including the 40 in Jacksonville.
    • The government is now negotiating with a dozen banks to refinance the debt at rates it can afford.
    • There was also a benefit for many banks from fees which arose when borrowers refinanced their mortgages because of lower interest rates.
    • With a cash-out refinancing, you refinance your mortgage for more than you owe and pocket the difference.
    • The car is refinanced with an interest rate of 6.9%.
    • But nobody dares raise interest rates in the US where 65% of mortgage holders have refinanced their properties and where, currently, an easy money property boom is underway.
    • The Jacksons also refinanced the home equity loan they had taken out to renovate a third house they inherited from Jacqueline's father.
    • Governments have saved billions by refinancing the national debt at lower interest rates.
    • There are many ways to consolidate or refinance your college student loan debt.
    • Most experts agree that interest rate reduction is the main reason behind most refinancing decisions.
    • In fact, much of the commercial paper being refinanced in the bond market was originally issued to pay for past telecom capital spending, such as burying fiber-optic cables and building wireless networks.
    • If you have a home loan, refinance your mortgage to lower your payments.
    • Whatever the reason, some lenders are squirming out of deals to refinance home loans at rates below 6 percent.
    • Griffin is quick to point out that he paid off his $2,000 credit card debt and refinanced his mortgage a second time, saving about $60 a month in payments.