Translation of reflection in Spanish:


reflexión, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈflɛkʃ(ə)n//rɪˈflɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of light, sound, heat)

      reflexión feminine
      • The tile floor was covered with reflections from lights.
      • The scanner examines the iris with infrared light that reduces reflections and penetrates glasses and contact lenses, preventing eyewear from interfering with recognition.
      • These directed light to specific task areas, reducing glare and veiling reflections, while ambient light levels were lowered.
      • Soon, there was a heap of weapons, whose blades shimmered and rippled with green and grey reflections of thin light.
      • All one need do is hold a specimen of this material under a light to see countless reflections coming off of tiny crystal faces over the entire quartz surface.
      • Her eyes caught the reflections from the shiny emblem, but she saw something she didn't notice before.
      • It blinked again, then burned steadily - a tiny pinprick of light, spilling reflections of itself across the sea.
      • The receiving devices samples a plurality of points on the near side of the structure to detect vibrations resulting from reflections of the sound wave from the object.
      • Transparent species are susceptible to detection by reflections from their body surface, particularly at shallow depths.
      • Light reflections on the ceramic glaze and the lacquer surface emphasize the lustrous qualities of each.
      • Polarized lenses on sunglasses help to reduce glare by not allowing the polarizations that come from reflections through but allowing other light through.
      • It is even made harder by the reflections of dash lights that are reflected back to the rider.
      • Lasers were used to map the pattern of sound reflections from the ceiling to the seating.
      • We may even get more reflections as the light bounces off the surfaces again and again, some of the light escaping each time.
      • The side walls cant back 1-1/2 degrees to avoid the sound reflections that parallel walls would generate.
      • The intrinsic limitation of plain scanline rendering, however, is that there are no reflections or refractions.
      • There were no lights or reflections to cause this.
      • Light reflections off the chrome surface, reflective windows, everything is used to make you believe you're part of the action.
      • By night, these spots glow from within and by day, the mesh captures muted reflections of changing light and weather conditions.
      • Small reflections of light at the top left-hand corner of the box underline the lustrous quality of the lacquered surface.

    • 1.2(image)

      reflejo masculine
      • Given the way these were lit, the viewer could see not only the photographs, but also reflections of the installation mirrored in their framing glass.
      • On the water's edge just a few metres away an elegant white crane admires its reflection in the water.
      • This past election was a mirror reflection of the level of concern there is within our community and others throughout Manitoba.
      • Reversal can, of course, be ‘corrected’ by the use of a second mirror, so that the resultant image is of a reflection reflected.
      • He looked in the fogged up mirror at the reflection staring back at him.
      • Many of the film's most emotionally significant moments are viewed only as reflections in mirrors, as if to look at things directly would be too painful.
      • A dozen girls in ruffled skirts stand, shifting their weight from foot to foot, gazing shyly at their reflections in the mirror.
      • Nico looked up, and saw both of their reflections in the mirror.
      • One nuance Duguay revels in throughout the film is the use of mirrors, windows and reflections.
      • Mandy squealed in disgust as she got out of the car and checked her reflection in the window.
      • Cora's image was a pale reflection in the foyer mirror.
      • Just the other day, I caught my reflection in a store window.
      • Students also drew self-portraits by looking at their reflections in mirrors.
      • He eyed his distorted reflection in the water.
      • But then he caught his own reflection in the mirror of the small hall that led to his door.
      • She walked to the bookstore, and checked her reflection in the glass before going inside.
      • People in the movie occasionally comment about being filmed, and the audience is given a glancing shot of a mirror, with a reflection of both camera and operator.
      • Maria stood admiring her own reflection in the full length bedroom mirror.
      • She stared at her frazzled reflection in a puddle on the floor.
      • Deception by mirrors has a basis in optical principles, in so far as reflections in mirrors do not correspond wholly to the objects that caused them.

    • 1.3(of situation, feeling)

      reflejo masculine
      it's not an accurate reflection of the situation no es (un) reflejo fiel de la situación
      • And Canegrowers Isis chairman Joe Russo described the outcome as a reflection of the lack of confidence in growing sugar cane.
      • The final result was a fair reflection of an even contest although City's main concern remains the lack of a goal threat.
      • Complicating its task is the political reality that these election results are more a reflection of the unpopularity of the NC rather than the appeal of any other party.
      • If she succeeds, of course, it will be a direct reflection of my influence and work.
      • Once again, this stereotyped thinking is more a defensive reaction to the internet than an accurate reflection of reality.
      • Both observations could be seen as a reflection or consequence of the cognitive mechanisms underlying sentence processing.
      • Such texts are by no means a straightforward reflection of the actual behaviour of ordinary sinners, but they do reveal a lot about the aims and perceptions of those trying to build a Christian society.
      • But theory is rarely an accurate reflection of reality.
      • Our lips are a reflection of our inner health and as such, they deserve the same care and consideration as the rest of our body.
      • Divorced from their substance, they are not an accurate reflection of the political reality.
      • It seems like its all going to his head and his behaviour might be a reflection of his inner demons.
      • Perhaps that is a reflection of the influence he holds.
      • Both teams put in excellent performances and the result was a fair reflection of their efforts.
      • ‘The results are a fair reflection of today's reality,’ said Real coach Vicente del Bosque.
      • The history of this problem indicates that these controversies are reflections of irresolvable tensions in our thought about agency.
      • Analysts described the result as a reflection of deep-rooted popular discontent over the state government's failure.
      • Umalasi, the independent body that quality assures the exams, was able to declare the results a true reflection of the actual performance of pupils without any hesitation.
      • Is my description really one of ineffective practices, or is it a reflection of the tensions inherent in a classroom like this?
      • Yet if we view the Government's recent behaviour as a collective reflection of what happens to each of us when we are under pressure, then things become clearer.
      • But many in Botswana are alarmed at his rise, which they see as a reflection of growing military influence and an authoritarian trend in a country that is less democratic than it seems.

  • 2

    • 2.1(contemplation)

      reflexión feminine
      on / upon reflection, it doesn't seem such a good idea pensándolo bien, no parece tan buena idea
      • after serious reflection, I have decided to accept después de pensarlo / meditarlo seriamente, he decidido aceptar
      • Besides, after careful reflection, it was considered redundant.
      • This is immediately exciting, but on further reflection creates many more problems than it solves.
      • But a moment's reflection shows the absurdity of this idea.
      • It finds no serious reflection in the political deliberations of the US government or in the narrow and reactionary range of opinion that is permitted by the mass media.
      • What is required is a national conference to engage in some serious debate and reflection about where we go from here.
      • The approach adopted is, in general, descriptive with little critical reflection on the existing body of historical literature.
      • Rational people revise their views in the light of deeper reflection on an issue, or new information which warrants a change of mind.
      • We have a rich tradition of thoughtful theological reflection.
      • At first it depressed me that people gauged their popularity by how many texts they received, but on further reflection I realised that it's nothing new.
      • There has been no shortage of reflection on the substantive nature of the post-Cold War order.
      • However on further reflection I realised that this is a news story of great importance.
      • Here, too, serious reflection is interrupted by nonsensical asides.
      • For me, the most absorbing pieces link spiritual reflection and cultural criticism.
      • I retire to the toilet for a moment's reflection and a good cry.
      • But on further reflection we decided that such a limit was really not necessary.
      • All the women involved in the project have benefited enormously from the reflection on their lives that the project encourages.
      • In this context the experience of the Alpha Course, one of the most successful tools of evangelism to emerge in recent years, still calls for serious reflection.
      • This gives me considerable pause, but on further reflection I remain of the opinion that he should be confirmed as Chief Justice of the United States.
      • There is no time for balance, reflection, consideration of alternative viewpoints, depth of coverage, etc, etc.
      • While initially these findings may seem surprising, a few moments' reflection reveals that they actually ring true.

    • 2.2

      (thought) reflexión feminine
      (comment) observación feminine
      • The Leader of the Opposition will withdraw the reflection on the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
      • This was no reflection on his competence or integrity.
      • I cannot emphasise enough that it is no reflection on the highly valuable work of our excellent employees in Wimbledon.
      • He said the reshuffle was no reflection on the talents of the people stepping down, but was necessary for the ‘radical change’ the business needed.
      • The crushing defeat suffered by Comeragh Gaels is no reflection on the efforts of Roger Casey to field a worthy side.
      • But that was no reflection on Cook's abilities and most commentators expected him to play an important role in the Labour government as it neared an era of change post-Blair.
      • Both of the men who signed for them said their absence was no reflection on their commitment to peace.
      • Getting bumped is no reflection on MarineMax, which is one of the best-performing public companies in the Tampa Bay area.
      • This is no reflection on the persons responsible for their conduct.
      • It is no reflection on your skills or performance at all.
      • We have a very loyal and hard-working workforce and this decision is no reflection on their commitment to our business.
      • So I think Republicans and Democrats are very dismayed by the reflection on the institution.
      • This was no reflection on the staff who did an excellent job, he said.
      • This is no reflection on the strength of our marriage and we are very much enjoying our new life in Spain.
      • The fact that it has taken over four years since Westlife's first No.1 single for them to have a homecoming concert is no reflection on the band themselves.
      • The charity insists the changes are no reflection on the way wardens carried out their duties.
      • Neither of us managed to finish, but that was no reflection on the tastiness of the dishes.
      • This is no reflection on those sites - far from it - but only on my inability to keep up with them during periods of intense workload.
      • There is no sign of the ‘retired’ Keane in the squad but that is no reflection on the assistance he readily offered Munster for the first two games of the competition.
      • Is not this a sad reflection on the society we have become?

  • 3

    to be a reflection on sth/sb
    • it's a sad reflection on human nature that nobody would help him que nadie lo ayudara no dice mucho a favor de la humanidad
    • this is no reflection on you, but … yo sé que no es culpa tuya, pero …