Translation of reformist in Spanish:


reformista, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈfɔrməst//rɪˈfɔːmɪst/


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    • "He's the leader of the reformist movement, " she replied.
    • The ads could cause those who have supported Chen for his reformist ideals to think twice before voting for him, Tseng said.
    • European communist parties were formed out of established socialist parties as the consequence of a rift between their revolutionary and reformist wings.
    • American capitalism was able to afford this reformist policy because of its unchallenged position of world economic dominance.
    • The twentieth century has demonstrated that it is impossible to tame capitalism by means of social reformist policies.
    • Most of the socialist groups in India had driven out the revolutionaries and were reformist parties.
    • Now, supporting capitalist restoration, they spouted reformist rhetoric.
    • The DPP has positioned itself as a reformist party on most social issues.
    • Few activists in today's anti-globalisation movement have much time for traditional reformist parties.
    • First, anyone retaining fidelity to Labour's old reformist policies was pushed out of the party or marginalised and cowed.
    • The Tories have reformist policies, but lack the electoral clout.
    • They're looking and they're asking, will the reformist policies continue?
    • Conservatives ran virtually unopposed in the election after the hard-line Guardian Council disqualified thousands of reformist candidates.
    • The Guardian Council first barred the reformist candidate from running for presidency.
    • Students who were punished for protesting have since received support from emboldened reformist MPs.
    • The liberal and reformist defenders of the profit system are incapable of providing a viable alternative to the right wing.
    • In the past, the Democrats combined their anti-communism with liberal reformist policies.
    • They seek a return to the old-style reformist policies of the 1960s and 1970s.
    • In many instances the socialist revolutions had been betrayed by reformist leaders of workers' parties and trade unions.
    • Attac's programme creates new reformist illusions in order to oppose the development of the class struggle.


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    reformista feminine
    • Therefore reformists deduce that no direct challenge to the state is necessary and civil society can be reformed.
    • They have been advocated by reformists and opportunists for many years.
    • Like so many former reformists, liberals and pacifists, however, the Guardian and Observer have lurched ever further to the right.
    • Ireland's environmental reformists, the Green Party, have played a shameful role during the campaign.
    • Most reformists silently observed the conservatives' consolidation of power.
    • Personal loyalty became the key criteria for the rise and fall of cabinet ministers, conservatives and reformists alike.
    • Despite the popularity of the reformists, conservatives still dominate much of the government.
    • The new reformists are caught between two different pressures.
    • They decried what they saw as the tendency among some conservative reformists to confuse an idealized model of Arab culture with Islam itself.
    • In a podium discussion on Saturday afternoon, he referred to Rosa Luxemburg's famous polemic against the reformists.
    • Lenin argued for a united front with reformists against the generals, and revolutionaries and reformists worked together to block the military coup.
    • Since reform began in the early 1980s, Chinese politics has been primarily a battle between two factions: reformists and leftists.
    • Yes, there is friction and competition between the so-called conservatives and the reformists.
    • Many people are disillusioned with the reformists ' conciliatory approach.
    • The reformists must not win control of the movement.
    • The Communist Party, absorbed by a struggle between reformists and hardliners, feared its security forces were disintegrating.
    • They are moderate reformists who believe in the essential goodness of some members of the top echelon.
    • There is an ongoing and mostly hidden tussle between the reformists and the conservative clergy.
    • They voted out the reformists who talked of democracy and human rights but brought no real improvement to the lives of the poor.
    • Despite their revolutionary leadership, the Turin workers went down to defeat because the national movement remained under the control of the reformists.