Translation of refracting telescope in Spanish:

refracting telescope

telescopio refractor, n.

Pronunciation /riˈfræktɪŋ ˈtɛləˌskoʊp//rəˈfræktɪŋ/


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    telescopio refractor masculine
    • Even the York observatory - that lovely, brick-built dome almost hidden by shrubbery in the middle of the Museum Gardens - at one time housed the biggest refracting telescope in the world.
    • ‘Even today this achievement in optical size for this type of instrument can only be exceeded marginally, by the 40-inch Yerkes refracting telescope,’ Mr Shepherdson observes.
    • Through his work with optics and colours Newton came to believe that refracting telescopes, which were subject to colour interference, were outmoded.
    • There are two main types of telescopes: refracting telescopes, which use lenses to gather the light and form an image; and reflecting telescopes, which use mirrors to accomplish the same purpose.