Translation of refresher in Spanish:


Pronunciation /rəˈfrɛʃər//rɪˈfrɛʃə/


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    this book serves as a useful refresher este libro ayuda a ponerse al día en la materia
    • It is designed to prevent a similar accident in future and it includes a refresher programme.
    • And last but not least, I was just put through a refresher training course and we had handbooks to follow along with.
    • Orla and Rhona can organise refresher lessons in the resort.
    • I've read Benjamin before, but maybe its time to give myself a focused refresher.
    • Shortlisted vehicles will be announced in early November and the members of the Irish Motoring Writers Association will have a final chance to test-drive contending vehicles at a refresher day before final judging takes place.
    • A refresher night for anyone who has completed a Parenting Course will be held shortly.
    • Health visitors allocated to this method attended refresher workshops to ensure that they felt comfortable with what would be considered normal language development in children of this age group.
    • In anticipation of spring, which we know is a particularly stressful season for many of you, here's a brief refresher about keeping your stress in check.
    • The course consists of a graduate and refresher programme on bartending, a corporate appreciation programme, and an amateur appreciation programme.
    • Most of the steps you can take are just plain common sense, but follow the links below for a quick refresher.
    • It will also be an ideal refresher for the more seasoned believer.
    • The focus this year is again very much on active teaching methods, with the training providing a refresher on skills used throughout the first year as well as introducing some new concepts to the teachers.
    • There are exercises, refresher drills and firing practice on the ranges nearer the border.
    • It may be a useful refresher for recently-trained first-aiders.
    • This section is intended to give a brief refresher on what really happens when one applies a data transformation.
    • With lessons now costing about £20 for an hour session, Mr Conway added that many candidates were unable to pay for refresher lessons.
    • Last week in Palm Beach County, Florida, he took three refresher flights at an aviation school, despite initially saying he wanted 100 hours of tuition.
    • It can also help those that are returning to motorcycling after a long break who may need a refresher.
    • Her substantive and entertaining synopsis of classical references to Druids should serve both as an introduction to laymen and a useful refresher for Celticists.
    • I am also supposed to buy my main Physics textbook and read the first five chapters and do some refresher Maths test online before I go.
  • 2British

    honorarios adicionales masculine
    • And there is a further matter of a refresher, which I will deal with in turn.
    • His refresher was £875 for the second day, and this would not be appropriate, is that right?
    • The refreshers were also reduced from £1250 per day to £625 per day.
    • Graduated Fee payment is an amalgam of what would have been a basic fee and refreshers and, on that basis, I consider that counsel's interpretation of the Regulation is to be preferred.
    • When Hameed Nazham eventually pleaded guilty Mr Latham was satisfied that it was because he wanted to and he had no recollection of anything ever have been said about refreshers.