Translation of refreshment in Spanish:


Pronunciation /rɪˈfrɛʃm(ə)nt//rəˈfrɛʃmənt/


  • 1

    the breeze provided some refreshment la brisa daba algo de frescor
    • anyone ready for liquid refreshment? ¿quién se apunta a una copa?
    • before noun refreshment stall / stand puesto de refrescos
    • Dousing myself in the pool offered about the same amount of refreshment as a melted ice-cream cone.
    • Where do MTNA members go during the summer for renewal, refreshment and recharging?
    • Praise to you for offering us your refreshment and revival day after day!
    • Help me to rest in you on your Sabbath, to find peace for my soul, refreshment for my spirit and new life for my flesh.
    • This again is an opportunity for relaxation and refreshment.
    • Just 19% enjoy the eight hours a night recommended for maximum refreshment.
    • A long vacation is best for refreshment and relaxation after a year of busy work.
    • The question is, what kind of refreshment is Smith's gritty realism?
    • I think some creative expression and refreshment is a good idea.
    • I looked up the Isle of Jura and Barnhill and thought it was just the place to seek refreshment and rest awhile away from every care.
    • It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones.
    • Return to old favourites, as you return again and again to a well-loved holiday place for refreshment.
    • So what is it in white wines that offers that element of refreshment?
    • Drama activities, be it games or enactment of storyboard situations infuse the air with energy, vitality and refreshment.
    • A quick gulp from a bottle of cooled water restores energy and provides instant refreshment.
    • You now return, with sporadic memories, a race-transcending tan and a sense of refreshment.
    • Summer is a time when we all seek refreshment and rejuvenation.
    • I found refreshment, insight and energy to rejoin the challenge of these days.
  • 2refreshments plural

    refrigerio masculine
    light refreshments will be served se servirá un pequeño refrigerio
    • There will be a range of cakes, charity cards, raffle tickets and refreshments on sale.
    • Drinks and light refreshments are now widely available around the clock.
    • To mark the start of the new year a Club party night will take place with music, food and refreshments.
    • The public are asked to bring their own picnics as only limited refreshments are available.
    • There were meetings between old friends, beer was drunk, and refreshments were served.
    • Take part in darts, pool and table games and eat light refreshments including homemade soup.
    • Afterwards the choir were served light refreshments by some of the local ladies.
    • The music will be provided by Joyce Humber on the piano and there will be seasonal refreshments available.
    • The fee includes a T-shirt, and refreshments will be available along the route.
    • The event will include refreshments, cakes and a raffle all in support of the Fair Trade campaign.
    • While this is going on, the Danish players make a beeline for the shade and some liquid refreshments.
    • On that day or the days before, everyone is welcome for drinks and refreshments.
    • Stands selling glow sticks, cotton candy and other refreshments will also be set up.
    • Discounted copies of the book will be available and refreshments will be served.
    • Camping is available next to the pub, and there will be refreshments and clothes stalls.
    • Everyone is welcome and a kids' corner and refreshments will be available.
    • All who finish will receive hot drinks, soup and other refreshments and a commemorative mug.
    • Following the service those present enjoyed light refreshments and a slice of the celebration cake.
    • Also available are hot and cold drinks and light refreshments at very reasonable prices.
    • There will also be healthy cooking demonstrations and refreshments will be available.