Translation of refuge in Spanish:


refugio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛfˌjudʒ//ˈrɛfˌjuʒ//ˈrɛfjuːdʒ/


  • 1

    (safe place)
    refugio masculine
    to seek refuge from sth/sb refugiarse de algo/algn
    • to take refuge refugiarse
    • we took refuge under a tree nos guarecimos / nos refugiamos bajo un árbol
    • The pine-shaded forest is a refuge from the city's extreme summer temperatures.
    • Instead she buried herself in the library, which became a refuge from the decadent student world.
    • In the late 15th century, the city became a refuge for Iberian Jews expelled by Phillip II from Spain.
    • Well, the Senate today narrowly approved a plan to drill for oil in Alaska's arctic national wildlife refuge.
    • For hundreds of years Turkey was a refuge for Jews driven from " civilised " Christian Europe.
    • There was kind of a coup, and he took temporary refuge in the United States.
    • Does Eden offer a refuge from the world or the wisdom to accept it?
    • In my younger and more vulnerable years, I believed school offered a gentle refuge from the cutthroat savagery of the working world.
    • Churches have become the only refuge for people who have lost everything.
    • But this bar is a great refuge from the madness of weekend London.
    • Researchers found that the forest offered a refuge for bee species, which helped pollinate coffee plants.
    • To learn more about Banerjee and his time in the Arctic refuge, click here.
    • After all, home and family should provide a refuge from the clamor of the outside world.
    • In the novel, a young housemaid named Griet innocently entrances Vermeer who comes to see her as a sacred refuge from a soulless marriage.
    • ' Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel ', pronounced Samuel Johnson in 1775.
    • Absolute moral standards provide a safe refuge for those frightened to exercise discretion.
    • For many of these young MPs the canteen is proving a refuge from the long-drawn speeches and verbal duels in the House.
    • I led the fight to stop the drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuge.
    • Mothers were torn between their need to support the discipline of their sons and their desire to provide a refuge from the harshness of that discipline.
    • Upland's owners bought and renovated the hotel three years ago, as a refuge from a high-powered life in the capital city.
  • 2

    (for battered women)
    refugio (para mujeres maltratadas) masculine
    • She appealed to the government to raise the profile of refuges for victims of violence and helplines.
    • Children at the York women's refuge were facing a bleak Christmas.
    • Given the prevalence of domestic violence, women's refuges are essential facilities.
    • For many years Bendigo-based Julie Oberin was Chair of the Women's Services Network, the peak body for women's domestic violence services, including refuges.
    • The issue of domestic violence and the absence of a refuge for women who want to escape abusive partners in Sligo was raised.
    • There is also a network of refuges, in every county except Carlow, some transitional accommodation in Waterford and some limited outreach and settlement support services.
    • While police and magistrates take punitive action to try to stop physical assaults, and refuges provide a safe haven for women and children trying to escape violence, curing such violence is not easy.
    • Through our social centres, soup runs, hostels, refuges, detox centres, community cafes, day care and residential homes, we get through a lot of tea and coffee.
    • I was involved in a single-issue campaign - domestic violence and women's refuges - but that didn't mean that I thought politics was about single issues.
    • She moved in with Young as a teenager and the couple had three children, but she fled to a woman's refuge after suffering violent beatings.
    • Women are flocking to refuges and violent partners are moving back into the family home following the outlawing of temporary barring orders, according to women's aid groups.
    • In investigating domestic violence, it is tempting for academics to speak to only those more easily accessible women who are resident in refuges, rather than other victims.
    • The Family Law Act 1996 protects victims of domestic violence and their children, and there are safe refuges and on-going support for families getting away from violent situations.
    • Thus, women's refuges were among the first projects to have been realised.
    • And if their ‘crime’ was to donate 4,000 pairs of footwear to the workhouses, women's refuges and orphanages of war-torn Kosovo, then it was guilty as charged.
    • She said its aims were to encourage more women to report violent incidents in the home and to reverse the trend whereby women and children had little option but to flee to refuges and temporary accommodation.
    • He said there are only five emergency hostels and refuges in Dublin providing a total of 50 units for families.
    • Women's refuges, local hospices and day centres are also members of the Scrapstore.
    • Over time, physical conditions in the East Anglian refuges have improved and accommodation is no longer squalid and over-crowded.
  • 3

    (on mountain)
    refugio (de montaña) masculine
  • 4US

    (bird sanctuary)
    reserva ornitológica feminine
  • 5British

    (traffic island)
    isla feminine
    isla peatonal feminine
    isla de peatones feminine
    • What we are looking at is either traffic lights or possibly a roundabout, because a traffic island and refuge would only benefit car users and not public transport.
    • Traffic calming proposals included the creation of a central refuge at the west end of the village to help elderly people cross the road.
    • This will be impossible if there is a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road.
    • There, roads are generally free of cycle lanes, red or green painted patches, pedestrian refuges, traffic islands, widened pavements for cycle use and silly speed limits.
    • Raised medians at the centre of the carriageway could also serve as pedestrian refuges.
    • ‘There are likely to be central pedestrian refuges up to 1.8 metres wide,’ said planning officer Sian Watson.