Translation of refusal in Spanish:


denegación, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈfjuzəl//rɪˈfjuːz(ə)l/


  • 1

    (of permission, request) denegación feminine
    (of offer) rechazo masculine
    (to do sth) negativa feminine
    you are allowed two refusals puedes negarte dos veces
    • I was surprised by his refusal of my offer me sorprendió que no aceptara / que rechazara mi oferta
    • his refusal to cooperate el hecho de que se niegue (or se negara etc.) a cooperar
    • our proposal/offer met with a flat refusal rechazaron de plano nuestra propuesta/oferta
    • to give sb first refusal darle a algn la primera opción (de compra)
    • can I have first refusal? ¿me lo ofrece primero a mí?
    • Lex, see what you miss with your stubborn refusal to own a T.V.?
    • They also expressed dismay at the Israeli government's continued refusal to restart the peace process.
    • Most worrying is the right-leaning media's continual hedging and refusal to accept basic facts.
    • Her conversation betrays disappointment, anger, and an outright refusal to be labeled a victim.
    • The dispute is over the government's continued refusal to fulfill campaign promises to raise teachers' wages.
    • Khan said the Pakistani Government's refusal to grant his wife a visa has traumatised the entire family.
    • That's the best weapon we have against these evil people, our flat refusal to allow them to divert us more than momentarily from our daily lives.
    • The strike is over management's refusal to solve a long-running land dispute.
    • Kerr's refusal to accept their recommendation was met with widespread approval by the Scottish business community.
    • One of the weaknesses of the mass storage industry is a stubborn refusal to learn from history.
    • The announcement follows recent refusals by two judges to take early retirement despite pressure from the government.
    • Today, we see the consequences of the Bush administration's refusal to learn from the past.
    • The executive's refusal to accept the committee's decision has caused outrage among Labour backbenchers.
    • One explanation can be found in an adamant refusal to relinquish ceremonial practices.
    • We need to take seriously their steadfast refusal to admit even their most obvious mistakes.
    • Due to professional autonomy, no one can challenge their refusal to abandon this entirely discredited methodology.
    • I admire his steadfast refusal to be anyone other than himself.
    • What was impressive about her - moving even - was her steadfast refusal to do so.
    • The group came forward at the end of last week following news of the players' refusal to accept a 30 per cent wage deferral.
    • In the past, refusal to serve in the military could carry prison sentences of up to five years.
  • 2

    plante masculine
    • At this level the riders are not timed, but penalties are awarded for faults such as refusal to jump or knocking down a fence.
    • It took a lot of concentration to be able to maneuver your horse correctly and get it to jump all 3 jumps without refusals, knockdowns or passing the fence.