Translation of regal in Spanish:


majestuoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈriːɡ(ə)l//ˈriɡəl/


  • 1

    (bearing) majestuoso
    (bearing) regio
    the dinner was a truly regal affair la cena fue fastuosa / principesca
    • I don't recognize the logo on the steering wheel, but it looks somewhat regal.
    • She showed how to be regal without being remote, dignified without being distant and she had the loveliest smile in the world.
    • And when she talks about growing up, it is of the runny-nosed wild child who was so different from her demure and rather regal mother.
    • She had smiled, and it was nice and informal, but actually there is something slightly regal about her.
    • She had a strong regal bearing and her kneeling on the floor seemed as improper as a priest swearing.
    • The gaffe was made at the annual dinner of the Perth Bar Association, in the regal splendour of the city's George Hotel.
    • He held himself with a regal bearing, and strode forth without hesitation.
    • The door opened as we approached, revealing a tall, regal woman with silver hair and serene gray eyes.
    • But now commoners who want to marry amid regal surroundings are being invited across the threshold of the Deeside estate.
    • Considered a symbol of regal authority, the dragon was also thought to dispel evil spirits.
    • Natalia Magnicaballi has the regal bearing of a queen, the spirit of a gypsy, and the soul of a sylph.
    • But he more than comes into his own as he sheds the regal bearing and steps into the shoes of the soldier Fluellen.
    • The king was intelligent and punctilious in his performance of his official duties and had a regal bearing that commanded immediate respect.
    • In both companies she was renowned for her regal bearing and virtuosity.
    • Inside the audience chamber the sovereign was a picture of regal splendor.
    • He carried himself with the regal bearing of someone accustomed to wealth and power.
    • At the wedding of the Prince of Wales he looked more regal than the royals.
    • She looks very regal and serene when she arrives; her back has now clicked into place.
    • The banquet hall was bright and cheerful, full of nobles and lords looking dignified and regal.
    • The show has been designed in such a way as to take audience down the memory lane to a time when the Kilimanoor Palace was at its splendid and regal best.