Translation of regalia in Spanish:


ropajes, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈɡeɪljə//rɪˈɡeɪlɪə/

plural noun

  • 1

    ropajes masculine
    vestiduras feminine
    the mayor was wearing his full regalia el alcalde llevaba el traje de ceremonia
    • you're in full regalia today, I see así que hoy vamos de gala / de tiros largos ¿eh?
    • As Mr Baker struggled with the packaging, the Lord Lieutenant, in full regalia, came to the rescue drawing his ceremonial sword and slicing through the binding tape to reveal a combined video, DVD and CD player.
    • The puppets wear the clothing and regalia of Fon chiefs, attesting to the interethnic community of Nago and Fon peoples.
    • Rodriguez, 49, was sworn in hurriedly in Sucre, without the presidential sash and regalia, before a session meeting of legislators as protesters clashed with police outside.
    • Anyone can come into the Georgian town hall during office hours and ask to see the impressive collection of civic regalia including a 1460s silver mace, presented by Edward IV.
    • This man who came was very powerful, in full regalia, very formal, dramatic, articulate in many languages - a Zulu.
    • I expected Devin to emerge in full Navy regalia, dress uniform and everything.
    • People love to see the mayor and love to see him or her in full regalia.
    • Now young Catholics, for whom Vatican II is as remote as the Council of Trent, find episcopal costumes and regalia curious and antique.
    • Don't refer to traditional regalia as ‘costumes.’
    • By the same token many of the Tarascans experienced the cultural shock of having their pre-Hispanic idols, temples and religious regalia destroyed by Franciscan missionaries.
    • This ritual includes medieval regalia augmented with presidential seals, medallions and a mace as well as a section in the inauguration programme that describes the duties of the office.
    • Dressed in full regalia with mitre and crook, Bishop David then led a prayer of thanks for the new school and everyone who worked and studied in it.
    • Pius XII is standing, in full regalia; his papal cloak envelops him, draped over his shoulders like a protecting towel as if he had just emerged from a swim.
    • Acclaimed warriors were especially magnificent in regalia and demeanor, while Cortès judged that the glory enveloping Emperor Moctezoma surpassed that of the court of Spain.
    • Merlin Michael Williams appeared at a magistrates' court in the southern English coastal town of Portsmouth wearing his full Druidic regalia of green robe and blue cloak, with talismans around his neck.
    • The combination of sentiment and silliness works brilliantly, and the sight of Ricky in full voodoo witch doctor regalia mesmerized by his newborn son is an iconographic moment in I Love Lucy's run.
    • More than 200 Yorkshire dignitaries, town mayors and mayoresses and Yorkshire Society representatives marched through York today in full regalia to celebrate the Millennium Yorkshire Day.
    • On the Saturday of orientation, new students and their parents are officially welcomed to campus by administrators and faculty members decked out in formal robes and academic regalia.
    • It was, indeed, one person - the Anglican priest, dressed in full regalia, as though for a wedding or funeral.
    • Malmesbury's collection of antique art, furniture and mayoral regalia is being valued this week by fine art expert Stephen Hill.