Translation of regardless in Spanish:


Pronunciation /rɪˈɡɑːdləs//rəˈɡɑrdləs/


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    (in spite of everything)
    I told her not to do it, but she carried on regardless le dije que no lo hiciera pero no me hizo caso
    • she'll have her say, regardless siempre tiene que dar su opinión, pese a quien pese / pase lo que pase
    • What I normally do in these circumstances is grit my teeth and carry on regardless.
    • I chose to blot out the sound of cold water being poured on my words of admiration, and carried on regardless.
    • Whatever pressure groups and politics decide, the science will go on regardless.
    • She had a choice; she could either live carefully and pray, or carry on regardless.
    • At this point she clamps a hand over her mouth but then carries on regardless.
    • Or do you just keep going regardless when it's just a general cold virus no matter how severe?
    • He warned that if the authority did not change its stance, he would put in an application regardless.
    • Spike pressed ahead regardless, scrubbing a virginal white spot into the dingy patio.
    • When we started we genuinely could not play at all but we all enjoyed it so much we carried on regardless.
    • Thus, there is no reason for any of us to work because we will make the same, regardless.
    • It decided to carry on regardless with the improvement work it had set out to do.
    • Rodney would probably take the job regardless but also has had at least one other job offer.
    • He said it seemed the plan would go ahead regardless as the sign had already been erected.
    • That smacks of either a high degree of confidence, or resignation that a bloody nose is on its way regardless.
    • Teaching staff expected little or nothing from them and battled on regardless.
    • I munch on regardless and this morning, I wake up feeling sick with stomach cramps.
    • Or will we just keep buying regardless, carried away by the cheap thrill of it all?
    • Is there a scene that you consider yourself a part of, or do you just do your thing regardless?
    • Sertori is aware the City fans were questioning his role as a striker but vowed to carry on regardless.
    • The band didn't flounder as emergency supplies kicked in, and carried on regardless.


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    we must leave tonight, regardless of the cost/consequences tenemos que salir esta noche, cueste lo que cueste/pase lo que pase
    • regardless of what people say a pesar de lo que diga la gente
    • regardless of her feelings on the matter sin tener en cuenta lo que ella pudiera (or pueda etc.) pensar
    • we'll go regardless of the weather iremos llueva o truene
    • Everybody is welcome with a smile, regardless of age, occupation or nationality.
    • You just shift the speeders to smaller roads and the nutters will always kill regardless of tickets.
    • When you are a parent you have a responsibility to your child, regardless of their age.
    • In my experience of hikers, they rarely stick to a footpath anyway regardless of its width.
    • Both councillors said regardless of the signs in place, people did not always follow them.
    • Acne can affect men and women of all ages regardless of skin type or lifestyle.
    • NHS services will be provided, regardless of age, on the basis of clinical need alone.
    • Of course I abhor exploitative or coercive sex, regardless of the age of those involved.
    • Eights are considered wild and may be played regardless of the card on the pile.
    • Gen Jackson said he would carry out the changes regardless of who is in power.
    • Some people will smoke anyway regardless of whether they are supposed to or not.
    • Officers are now warning that offenders face prosecution if caught, regardless of their age.
    • She said she was going to do that regardless of her party's stance on paid parental leave.
    • Anybody who exceeds speed limits now will always exceed them, regardless of a post with a number on it.
    • In some places the inhabitants were killed to the last person regardless of age or sex.
    • According to the proposals, pupils would sit the exams at their own pace, regardless of their age.
    • She had always been brought up to believe murder was wrong, regardless of circumstance.
    • Always say what is just and fair regardless of any loss to you, friend or relative.
    • This is indeed a unique race, regardless of age or gender all the athletes run together.
    • Mr White said fines would continue to be issued regardless of a person's age.