Translation of registry in Spanish:


registro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛdʒəstri//ˈrɛdʒɪstri/

nounPlural registries

  • 1

    registro masculine
    (at university) secretaría feminine
    (at church) sacristía feminine
    • The BBMR is a division of the National Blood Service, which works in co-operation with the other UK bone marrow donor registries.
    • These standards formalize four mandatory rules and two recommended rules that registries must follow in order to issue IDNs.
    • The organisation also stands accused of extorting money from other organisations worldwide in order to maintain the registries.
    • The civil registry numbers were used to link the records in both registries.
    • In short, CMS will expand coverage, coordinate patient registries, and support clinical outcomes research.
    • Last month they met Tony Blair at Downing Street, who pledged to boost the size of the registries, commit funds and organise a publicity campaign.
    • His medical information was not available, and the registries were closed at the time, he said.
    • Additionally, steps are being taken to encourage the prospective registration of trials through trial registries.
    • It is in such registries that the documents initiating proceedings are presented for filing.
    • Incidence rates are taken from multiple state-operated cancer registries, each with its own methods of data collection.
    • The world's registrars and registries didn't agree.
    • One registrar should also be able to link directly to different registries all over the world, making the system far more like the actual Internet.
    • Across the country, more than 50 cities and counties offer such registries.
    • The British Bone Marrow Registry, which is run by the National Blood Service, was formed in 1987 and works in conjunction with other UK donor registries.
    • In practice, this is the stance taken by most UK cancer registries, which do not require consent from next of kin before disclosing cancer diagnoses for genetic counselling.
    • Only the registries are getting rich these days.
    • Electronic product registries assign each item a 14-digit code, then include it on a global list accessible to retailers.
    • Central registries, which opened and kept track of files in an orderly fashion, have long gone.
    • Firstly, we believe it is wrong to be too prescriptive about the choice of registry because registries for trials are in an early stage of development.
    • In Hong Kong death registration at one of four death registries is required by law and is usually done by one of the more educated relatives of the dead person.
  • 2formal

    registro masculine