Translation of registry office in Spanish:

registry office

juzgado (de paz), n.


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    (in UK)
    juzgado (de paz) masculine
    notaría feminine Colombia
    we got married in a registry office nos casamos por lo civil
    • The idea is that any same sex couple over 16 (with parental permission if under 18) would be able to register their partnership at a registry office.
    • Seven years ago you could only marry in a church or a registry office and so it was size that dictated our venue more than anything else.
    • Whether you will be having a church wedding, tying the knot at a registry office, or have chosen a more unusual venue, we want to speak to you.
    • Once your certificate of approval has been accepted by the designated registry office the certificate of approval will be surrendered to the registrar who in turn will issue a notice to marry which will be valid for a period of 1 year.
    • Another new trend is the licensed venue - instead of a drab registry office, you can get married (a la Madonna) in a castle, or any number of other venues.
    • Jane, who has three children from a previous relationship - Craig, Stefan and Rebecca - and Carol, will be marrying at the registry office at Stockport Town Hall in front of all their family and friends.
    • We married in a registry office and arranged the service of dedication for the next day, in Sophie's local church.
    • One result of the new rules is that it will take out of the churches weddings that only take place in church because it's a more amenable venue than a registry office.
    • I set off to the registry office with my two bridesmaids early on Saturday afternoon as I was so excited I couldn't wait any longer.
    • A few loud boos blotted the air - bad form whatever one thinks about the couple - as the car pulled up at the registry office but they were quickly drowned out by the band.
    • We made a pact not to get suckered into wedding stuff, so we booked the registry office and got the rings and bought some smartish clothes at Camden Market.
    • I watch a wedding party stroll down dainty Secretary's Lane to the registry office - Gibraltar is becoming a popular nuptial destination, thanks to the ease of obtaining a marriage certificate.
    • As the happy couple look forward to their wedding Maya lets herself into Sunita's flat and steals her birth certificate meaning they can't book the registry office.
    • There will also be facilities for weddings linking with the adjoining registry office and other social and cultural events.
    • County Hall would continue to be the main registry office, but its use could be extended for same-sex couples registering their relationships and new Citizenship Ceremonies.
    • Sarah, 23, and new husband Denham Crowden were married in their local registry office - and followed up with a reception at the nearby bowling alley.
    • Karina and Isabel had just come out of the registry office in London.
    • From the registry office, we went for our blessings (very touching) and headed straight to the best part - the party.
    • At present those who marry in church have their marriage registered for them by the church while those who go through a civil ceremony sign the register in the registry office.
    • I would have gone quietly to a registry office, or sneaked off abroad and not told anyone until after the deed was done.