Translation of regression in Spanish:


retroceso, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈɡrɛʃ(ə)n//rɪˈɡrɛʃ(ə)n/


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    retroceso masculine
    • It was murder for the sport and pleasure of the crowd - a regression to the moral sewer into which the Roman Empire fell in the era immediately preceding its collapse.
    • From a pragmatist point of view, this looks like regression to the Platonist idea that we have responsibilities not only to our fellow humans, but to something non-human.
    • ‘We have been asking ourselves why the UN has been undermined and what should we do to prevent these regressions from continuing,’ she said.
    • Will regression afflict the developing countries as aging weakens the industrial world?
    • Since the remote office would retain the previous media, regression to an earlier version should also be fairly straightforward.
    • The extent of the economic regression for many countries is astonishing, as is the pace of economic advancement for a small number of countries.
    • The 1940s could have represented another stage of regression in this process.
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    regresión feminine
    • It was as if she had entered regression therapy as an experiment of curiosity and found that terrible, terrible things had happened to her in the past.
    • He never thought anymore about the past life regression speech Toshi gave him on the way to L.A. the day after he met Jordan.
    • Under hypnosis, under regression, people can remember significant events from former lifetimes.
    • The technique was hit and miss, and past-life experiences were rare, but detractors had insisted that previous regressions influenced the hypnotized by suggesting times and places.
    • Has anyone experienced past-life regression via hypnosis or other means?
    • By going through past life regression with Serena, which sounded a lot like hypnosis, Peter now believes that he was a Nazi interrogator for the Gestapo in a past life.
    • Many people have experimented with past life regression under hypnosis and claim to recall experiences from previous existences.
    • I have no horrific sexual episodes that would only emerge through insidious regression therapy.
    • Not surprisingly, in all regressions ADHD status made a significant contribution to the prediction of psychopathology.
    • It seems likely that most so-called past life regressions induced through hypnosis are confabulations fed by cryptomnesia.
    • She made the allegations to gardaí after undergoing regression therapy in the mid-1990s in England.
    • This kind of hangs off the back of our resolution of assuming that people who swear by their console are either 12 years old or in regression therapy.
    • She'd never had such a rewarding experience doing a past life regression.
    • Mental or physical illness, therefore, may be considered as instituting regression to an early stage of infantile development.
    • But from his own experience, Jung learned that regression can act in the service of growth and that psychiatric illness may represent an effort on the part of the psyche to heal itself.
    • Garda sources have said the information from Niamh, a result of regression therapy, has been ‘sketchy’.
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    regresión feminine
    • The dependent variables for the linear regression models are the percentages of expected corn and soybean production forward priced.
    • To investigate this, we used regression to examine the relation between response and the current value of the incentive in US dollars.
    • Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression were the statistical analyses employed in this study.
    • These probabilities were designed to provide maximum statistical power for regression analyses with a sample of this total size.
    • We present the results of the linear regression analyses as relative risks and 95% confidence intervals.