Translation of regret in Spanish:


arrepentirse de, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈɡrɛt//rɪˈɡrɛt/

transitive verbregretted, regretting

  • 1

    (mistake/decision) arrepentirse de
    (decision/mistake) lamentar
    I regretted it as soon as I'd said it me arrepentí en cuanto lo dije
    • don't do anything you might regret no hagas nada de lo que te puedas arrepentir
    • we regret any inconvenience caused rogamos disculpen las molestias (que hayamos podido ocasionar)
    • you'll regret this! ¡te vas a arrepentir de esto!
    • I may live to regret this, but … es probable que luego me arrepienta, pero …
    • to regret -ing arrepentirse de
    • I regret not having kept in touch with them me arrepiento de / lamento no haber mantenido el contacto con ellos
    • I regret that I shall be unable to attend lamento no poder asistir
    • to regret to + inf lamentar tener que + inf
    • we regret to announce that … lamentamos tener que anunciar que …
    • we regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful lamentamos comunicarle / informarle que en esta ocasión su solicitud no ha prosperado
    • it is to be regretted that … (+ subj) es lamentable que …
    • I went cold right to the bone and immediately regretted my feelings and words.
    • He shut his eyes immediately, probably regretting the words he had just uttered.
    • ‘I always come here when I want to be alone,’ I said, immediately regretting my words.
    • Rachel hid her amused smirk behind her mug, immediately regretting the leaving of her fan in the carriage.
    • Nikki looked confused, but a light made her eyes flash and I immediately regretted my choice of words.
    • He saw the woman flinch and immediately regretted his tone.
    • Maureen's cheeks were tinted red, and I immediately regretted my words.
    • I wearily picked it up, immediately regretting it.
    • She stood quickly, regretting it immediately.
    • I regretted the words immediately, knowing that they'd carried an inference of sourness, and guessing that she'd notice.
    • I slammed the door behind me, immediately regretting it, for I could hear Brendan's heavy footsteps as he ran off to tell Mom.
    • I gulped, immediately regretting my decision but I was afraid to tell Mrs. Beckett that I changed my mind so quickly.
    • She furrowed her eyebrows and sat up swiftly, immediately regretting it when the room (that she noted as Eden and Eric's) spun before her in a cyclone.
    • He rolled over and opened his eyes, immediately regretting it.
    • I groaned and threw my head to the side, regretting it immediately after.
    • The timid first-year student who confines him/herself to campus always regrets it later.
    • The boy looked taken back and immediately she regretted her words.
    • Furious, she slammed her fist against a near redstone wall, and immediately regretted it.
    • She took one last look at me and regretted it immediately.
    • She shook her head angrily, immediately regretting it.


  • 1

    (sadness) pesar masculine
    (remorse) arrepentimiento masculine
    to his everlasting regret para su eterno pesar
    • it is with regret that we announce … lamentamos tener que anunciar que …
    • my biggest/one regret is that I didn't have children lo que más lamento/lo único que lamento es no haber tenido hijos
    • do you have any regrets about your life? ¿hay algo de lo que te arrepientes?
    • I've no regrets about leaving no me arrepiento de haberme ido
    • The meetings are bittersweet, weighed down by regret, guilt and grief.
    • When she expressed her regret to me later, I told her that had she married him he would have abandoned her as soon as he became a star.
    • Her lament does not express regret for a breach of fidelity, but rather the deep sadness of the final farewell.
    • He expressed his regret to the families and people who had lost their jobs and said it was a huge loss to the economy.
    • He expresses bitter regret at the lives he has destroyed but admits he will never stop abusing and claims he is always relieved when the police catch up with him.
    • It does not matter what counsel may think, it is never wise, as many have learnt to their regret, to come without the pleadings.
    • They took a bow, and then Brandon stepped away from Kitty, much to her regret.
    • The girl had had a nervous breakdown, she added, expressing shame and regret at her adolescent cowardice.
    • The motive was obviously to express regret abut the predicament, and there it is.
    • She went on to express regret about handing over the rights to her show.
    • Letting go of her hand much to her regret, he opened the door and walked in.
    • It's hoped that it will reduce feelings of regret, remorse and guilt, which are all core to the experience of Post Traumatic Stress.
    • Did he ever express regret about not having gone back to recording sooner?
    • She would have expressed little regret had the courts sentenced him to death.
    • The mothers expressed sadness and regret when there was no father-child relationship.
    • This is serious business, and to express regret at the severity of his punishment is a shade hypocritical.
    • Stephanie injected the agent carefully with the serum, pretending to put on a look of disappointment and regret on her face.
    • There was regret, guilt, sadness, fear and surprise all mingled together.
    • Later, he expressed his regret over the incident, but Tyra had already come to a decision.
    • Contacted yesterday, Mr Taylor expressed no regret for the monies lost by his clients by investing in his companies.
  • 2regrets plural

    excusas feminine
    to send one's regrets presentar sus (or mis etc.) excusas