Translation of regretfully in Spanish:


con pesar, adv.

Pronunciation /rɪˈɡrɛtfəli//rəˈɡrɛtf(ə)li/


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    con pesar
    regretfully, we must say no muy a nuestro pesar / lamentablemente, tenemos que decir que no
    • In the end, regretfully, I chose none of them, preferring instead two books I read quite frequently, one for its astonishing use of language and the other for the haunting quietude of its tale.
    • We will try to negotiate with the landowner and if that fails regretfully we may have to apply for a court injunction but this is very much a position of last resort.
    • We had quite a useful meeting but regretfully at that stage the damage had been done.
    • The point is that it is not possible, regretfully, in the world in which we live, for us to guarantee anyone's safety, civilian or military.
    • And, regretfully, it is extremely unlikely that we'll see him emerging from his shower a few months later, complaining about the awful dream he had last night.
    • But regretfully, it is only a short visit for him as he leaves here on Sunday, to catch the plane to Vancouver where he has another showing.
    • Many of the Ballintubber players will know in their hearts that they did not grasp the opportunity on the day and regretfully experience has shown that such occasions as Intermediate Finals are rare enough.
    • (I hear that no one is turned away except, regretfully, one quite hefty character in a swirling kilt - but that's another story).
    • But regretfully, we will not be catering to that audience because it's really a niche.