Translation of regularize in Spanish:


regularizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛɡjələˌraɪz//ˈrɛɡjʊlərʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • They propose a change in rule to regularise the practice of some teams huddling together before the playing of the National Anthem.
    • First, an immigration restriction bill passed by Congress in 1917 allowed for the assignment of American medical staff to overseas consulates in order to regularize the medical exams administered to visa applicants.
    • The task then is to find ways to regularize the movement of workers to where they can be productively employed.
    • The building conforms to the natural bedrock shelf, using an ambitiously constructed terrace to extend the floor surface to the west and to expand and regularize room sizes.
    • Although there is some evidence for localized schemes of drainage and regularized land allotment, there is no hint of any overall scheme of land division.
    • The new rule is to regularise the practice of traditional Indian systems of medicine and to prevent quacks.
    • In 1998 things were improved by the creation of a Local Government Fund to help regularise council funding.
    • In the city we started working in the slums and pressured the government to regularise schools there.
    • Filtered displacements feed into an Analysis module, which regularizes the data to generate a smooth deformation field and carries out a mechanics analysis.
    • The Second Empire, generally avid for control and order, sought to regularize commerce by the reconstruction of the central market.
    • I am not interested in having a baby for at least three years, but I want to regularise my periods.
    • The reshaping of the square began with regularizing the piazzetta surrounding the octagonal Baptistery.
    • It is specifically during the nineteenth century that print achieves its hegemonic status, that the familiar regularized look-and-feel of most works of print becomes more or less ubiquitous.
    • Parents with prams and people with disabilities fed up with advertising boards getting in their way could be offered relief by a new code of conduct to regularise signs.
    • By controlling and regularizing the procedures that made families up, they sought to improve adoption's outcome and reputation as well as naturalize its product.
    • In his work the image is regularized, made to conform to an internally derived schema that is made up of patterns, repeated shapes, and with a concern for the inter-relationship of forms and the association of parts to the whole.
    • Attempts in 1770 to regularize supplies in the hands of a few chosen merchants led to rumours of a ‘famine pact’ devised by rascally ministers to starve the king's subjects.
    • The one way system was very successful in that it regularised the junctions because they were awfully dangerous and it got rid of that danger.
    • At that time, the modern nation-state began to regularize taxation and renounce the use of surprise plunder and confiscation as fiscal devices.
    • In his edition of 1725, the celebrated poet Alexander Pope regularized distinctions between verse and prose.