Translation of rehearsal in Spanish:


ensayo, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈhərsəl//rɪˈhəːs(ə)l/


  • 1

    (practice, repetition)
    ensayo masculine
    this play needs a lot of rehearsal esta obra hay que ensayarla mucho / necesita mucho ensayo
    • to put a production into rehearsal empezar los ensayos de una producción
    • So I set up three or four weeks of solid rehearsals, different scenes every night.
    • One of its latest initiatives to take theatre close to the masses is opening up rehearsals to the public.
    • We are allowing you to miss the first hour of any of the full orchestra rehearsals if need be.
    • Her work is entirely voluntary and includes weekly rehearsals for two youth orchestras.
    • She is in the second week of rehearsals for her latest production.
    • It is free for University members to watch both the rehearsals and the performance.
    • All the hard work and dedication to rehearsals came to fruition when the panto opened in January.
    • Currently rehearsals are ongoing for the upcoming Pantomime to be staged in early December.
    • They had followed Laura for a day, in class and rehearsals, getting ready and then appearing in performance.
    • The actors meet and put themselves through months of improvisation and rehearsals before a scene is filmed.
    • And from the start of the third term, rehearsals for the end of year show move into full swing.
    • For the bigger shows, there were often two or three days of rehearsals, to get the coordination right.
    • I talked to Boyd, during rehearsals, about the thinking behind the production.
    • Clubs that are taking part in the upcoming drama competition are busy in rehearsals at the moment.
    • The group is very busy with rehearsals and making props for the show, and rehearsing three nights a week.
    • They'll have to endure five gruelling rehearsals to learn how to sing, wave and dance in exactly the correct way.
    • Some songs developed from rehearsals or demos, but this was nothing new for the band.
    • At other times, the men came together only for sounds checks, rehearsals and a performance.
    • I hope to begin rehearsals again by the end of the year and book a tour for next year.
    • They are now in rehearsals for a full length play to enter at drama festivals and other venues.
  • 2formal

    repetición feminine