Translation of reimpose in Spanish:


volver a imponer, v.

Pronunciation /ˌriɪmˈpoʊz//riːɪmˈpəʊz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    volver a imponer
    • And last night restrictions banning the transportation of livestock were reimposed in the Settle and Clitheroe areas.
    • Are you at all concerned that the Congress might be going too far in reimposing some of these new tighter regulations on the business community?
    • A curfew has been reimposed in the trouble-torn district.
    • The country's Supreme Court overturned he law, but the president then reimposed it by decree.
    • Direct rule from Westminster was reimposed last October, when the government suspended the Northern Ireland Assembly.
    • Because their crime was committed before the death penalty was reimposed in 1994, the killers were not eligible to receive the death penalty.
    • President Jimmy Carter let it lapse in 1977, but it was reimposed by President Ronald Reagan in 1982.
    • Pakistan relaxed its ban on refugees crossing over from Afghanistan on Friday but reimposed it yesterday after about 3000 Afghans entered the country.
    • He had previously demanded the government to reimpose the 300 percent import duty on luxury cars.
    • They reimposed a curfew which local residents had been largely ignoring in recent days.
    • Partially lifted in the 1760s, controls were reimposed in the early 1770s and then lifted again in 1775.
    • The curfew was reimposed in the state from 1.30 pm.
    • Palestinians emerged from their homes in some of the cities to try to stock up on supplies before the army reimposed the curfews by nightfall.
    • In 1954, after the French had failed to reimpose their rule on Vietnam, delegates to the Geneva Conference agreed that elections would be held in all three of the countries of Indochina.
    • The government reimposed a 30 percent duty on imported rice and 25 percent duty on imported sugar in January 2000 to protect local farmers against cheap imports.
    • The curfew was lifted in some parts of the city one day, only to be reimposed the next day in the same or other localities because new incidents had occurred.
    • It is understood that an overtime ban may be reimposed by caterers this week and sources say it is likely that the caterers and baggage handlers will shortly serve strike notice on the company.
    • It was on 1 September 1977 that South Africa reimposed direct rule over the enclave and reasserted its claim to sovereignty based on the original annexation.
    • Meanwhile, indefinite curfew has been reimposed in the state from this afternoon.
    • In a brilliant chapter he shows how Roger reimposed English rule on Ireland in the wake of the Bruce invasion in 1315.