Translation of reinforce in Spanish:


reforzar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌriɪnˈfɔrs//riːɪnˈfɔːs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (structure/material) reforzar
    (garrison) enviar refuerzos a
    reinforced concrete hormigón armado masculine
    • Two divisions were sent by Lee to reinforce the left wing.
    • Extra padding protects palms from blisters, and fingers are reinforced with an additional layer of faux suede.
    • The tactical air assault force can be reinforced with a motorized rifle battalion.
    • Then, at the end of August, Japanese forces endeavoured to flank Port Moresby and reinforce their troops on the Kokoda Track by forcing a landing at Milne Bay.
    • Hours later, we again took to the air, this time towing gliders full of troops to reinforce the men we just dropped.
    • At first signs of enemy preparation for attack, action is taken to reinforce the defense, and weapon assets and personnel are put on high alert.
    • Rae stood and walked to the door, putting a hand on one of the cool, black iron strips reinforcing the thick wood.
    • The walls are concrete reinforced with some rebar.
    • They wore long boots so their legs were not only protected, but were also reinforced with another material.
    • The concrete on the roof is 2.5 metres thick, reinforced with steel.
    • In some instances the larger hedges are supported or reinforced with small poles which are anchored into the surface soil.
    • Real had the pillars removed from the main venue and the ceiling reinforced with steel.
    • The Spanish governors in Italy declared allegiance to their new sovereign, and French troops reinforced them.
    • They are expected to help secure supply lines and reinforce coalition forces approaching the capital of five million people.
    • Forming a defensive network, the fortified villages would be reinforced in case of concerted attack.
    • Apparently the Germans played along in order to win time to reinforce their forces in Italy, which were increased from six divisions in July to eighteen in September with four more on their way.
    • A fierce fight then ensued while multitudes of tanks and helicopters came to reinforce their forces fighting against us.
    • We need to overhaul the whole system, not simply reinforce measures that have already failed.
    • What they uncovered was a structure made of solid concrete, reinforced with steel.
    • The house or building is reinforced with timbers supporting the floors inside.
    • Their defence strengthened, they could send troops to reinforce their left flank - a redistribution of strength that would prove vital in the Battle of the Marne.
    • The coup collapsed when the Turk military garrison in Cyprus was reinforced by troops from mainland Turkey.
    • There are also many power poles which, as part of the maintenance programs, have been reinforced with steel supports at ground level.
    • It acts as a supporting frame, reinforced by strong ligaments and surrounding muscle.
    • These supplies were the last hope of the U.S. forces for reinforcing their depleted divisions and stopping the enemy's imminent breakthrough.
    • Although there is no archaeological evidence for it, literature suggests that some of these wooden walled buildings may have been further strengthened by iron reinforcing bands, for example, in Beowulf.
    • The U.S. Army reinforced its troops to take on the gunmen.
    • The question now was where to employ the heavy machine guns to best support and reinforce the light machine guns and strengthen King Company's defense.
    • We were reinforcing our troop presence in South Korea and had other military options on the table.
    • To prevent wobbling, anchor stick securely in foam-filled pot and reinforce stick in foam with glue.
    • Much of the walls and roofs of the two barns had been stripped to provide extra materials to construct and reinforce the vital boundary.
    • The new Nine Dock is reinforced and strengthened to a level where it could now withstand earthquakes.
    • The tunnel was reinforced with concrete, rebar and lumber.
    • On landing the 7th Battalion of 5th Brigade begins a forced march towards Pegasus Bridge, to reinforce the glider force.
    • It is, however, heartening that Government has reinforced troops on the border especially where there have been incursions.
    • The shipyard has already been asked to reinforce the stitching.
    • US defence secretary said the military would be reinforcing its special forces in the country.
    • If necessary, they can be reinforced through partial deployment of additional forces.
  • 2

    (prejudice/argument) reafirmar
    • She constantly reinforced the idea that you can do anything you want.
    • Participants continue to meet in monthly support groups to reinforce the values and skills developed while in the program.
    • Students can also start and stop the presentation at any point and repeat slides to reinforce material.
    • The play's portrayal of despairing men and women losing themselves in drink is reinforced today by alcohol consumption surveys.
    • Often the parent feels helpless and very discouraged and may also give up on the child which reinforces the child's feelings of inadequacy and may cause the child to retreat or regress further.
    • A sense of identity reinforces the idea of self.
    • The diversity of the material found during excavation reinforces the view that the role of this settlement was to control a major trading artery.
    • She said the educational system reinforces the idea that there is only one right answer, stifling creativity.
    • When managers refuse or fail to recognize the problem and further blame the victim, it reinforces feelings of guilt.
    • The diagrams are large and clear and there are cartoons throughout the book that reinforce the subject matter.
    • Unless there is a sustained effort and changes in attitudes and ideas are periodically reinforced, there can be no real change, she asserts.
    • Worse, you are reinforcing bad habits in your own mental model and gaining the wrong kind of work experience.
    • Something in her told her she could trust him and he reinforced that feeling by being trustworthy.
    • Don't reinforce the idea that body shape and size should be a significant factor in how we perceive people.
    • Their genuine excitement, appreciation and enthusiasm reinforced our belief that we were on the right track.
    • A voodoo mask on the label reinforces the idea of ritual and adventure.
    • She said that from the time Ian was about 2 years old, she had worked with him to reinforce certain habits.
    • Consumerism is reinforced by media, films, the corporate invasion of the classroom, and by governments whose taxes and policies depend on it.
    • The logic of working together to reduce, reuse and recycle our rubbish is reinforced by a sense of a common heritage.
    • Their findings reinforce the idea that communication failure is an important source of medical error.