Translation of reinforcement in Spanish:


refuerzo, n.

Pronunciation /riːɪnˈfɔːsm(ə)nt//ˌriɪnˈfɔrsmənt/


  • 1

    (of wall) refuerzo masculine
    (of prejudice) reafirmación feminine
    (of prejudice) consolidación feminine
    • However, some will need continued encouragement and positive reinforcement from parents and teachers for this good start not to become swamped by schoolyard attitudes.
    • There was a loud explosion and cracks appeared in the roof, revealing concrete nine inches thick, with steel reinforcement, but several more charges were detonated before the roof finally collapsed and the walls crumbled in.
    • Embedding flax fibers into composite materials and nonwoven sheets provides strength and reinforcement to the goods.
    • Cross-wire reinforcement of the mortar joints can be included to strengthen the panel, providing as much mechanical strength against break-in as a brick wall.
    • Two layers of horizontal steel reinforcement were introduced at 7.5 cm from top and bottom of footing slab.
    • Seeking guidance and reinforcement on how to cope with the mounting fear of failure and the loss of self, we turn to the media, which is in most cases represented by television.
    • Although verbal praise was mentioned least often, several of the parents appeared to be aware of the need to increase this type of reinforcement.
    • Use positive reinforcement instead of criticism.
    • Structural welded wire reinforcement is produced by more than a dozen companies throughout North America.
    • On the other hand, reputation also locks people into particular patterns of collaboration and interaction through reinforcement.
    • Some parents find that positive reinforcement helps to encourage the child throughout treatment.
    • Spouses attend all the sessions and are instructed in basic behavior modification techniques, especially giving positive reinforcement and avoiding criticism.
    • So what you have is a small, metallic case with plastic reinforcements at the corners, a little bit like a shockproof watch.
    • The best way to reduce misbehavior is to provide abundant positive reinforcement for good behavior.
    • The steel reinforcement begins to carry significant load only after the concrete cracks.
    • Some 115 tonnes of reinforcements were used to strengthen the bank's strong rooms.
    • Stiffening and reinforcement could take the building higher, but not without adding considerable expense.
    • Teachers are often unaware that they encourage inappropriate behavior through reinforcement.
    • Finally, he said, as professors try to maximize the likelihood of student success, they may resort to using positive reinforcement for successful behavior.
    • My fear is that we are setting ourselves up for a vicious circle where family breakdown is perpetuated by the reinforcement and extension of behaviours which make it all the more likely.
    • Tubing reinforcement often involves many layers of different materials.
    • Ordinary galvanized barbed wire can be used between the tubes to provide reinforcement, and to make the structures resistant to earthquakes.
    • You get there together through a chain of cooperation, support, reinforcement and a willingness to share talents and gifts with others.
    • Positive reinforcement can strengthen your child's self-esteem and foster a sense of independence.
    • The works will include breaking out areas of defective concrete and replacing with concrete repair mortar and sacrificial anodes, which will help to prolong the life of the embedded steel reinforcement.
    • It is essential to teach and model desired behaviours, and the benefits of positive reinforcement are well established.
    • Their protruding bits of pipe suggest plumbing or wiring or structural reinforcement.
    • The aqueduct, built from concrete and containing 529 tonnes of steel reinforcement, is part of the £12m Semington bypass project.
    • Now, after 40 years of damaging pedestrians and vehicles as the tiny tiles became unstuck, and allowing water to corrode the concrete's steel reinforcement, the building's owner has decided to act.
    • Family role models, media and literature images, and social reinforcement also help develop the attitudes and beliefs that underlie abusive behaviour.
    • A good dog training program will focus on allowing the dog to learn just what is expected of it, and will use positive reinforcement to reward desired behaviors.
    • In addition, parents were trained in providing support and positive reinforcement and assistance as their adolescent began using the skills being taught.
    • In the construction of the works, the contractor has imported 30,000 tonnes of concrete and 1,500 tonnes of steel reinforcement.
    • All owners will be told how to correct the dog's behaviour and how reinforcement of good behaviour will pay more dividends than punishment.
    • Structure, enclosure and finishes are achieved in a single operation, with reinforcement bars simply threaded through the brick joints.
    • While download is typically very similar between a one-story and a two-story deck, the higher deck may require a larger foundation, additional bracing or other reinforcement.
    • Formal policies and guidelines are the starting point here, but they need to be backed up by training, enforcement and reinforcement to prevent behavioral lapses.
    • Elli tries to avoid plastics with glass-fiber reinforcement that doesn't flow easily through long, thin-wall mold features.
    • Positive reinforcement for desirable behavior will reduce reliance on punishment.
  • 2

    • 2.1(sth that reinforces)

      refuerzo masculine

    • 2.2(for paper)

      arandela de refuerzo feminine
      refuerzo masculine
      ojalillo masculine

  • 3

    refuerzo masculine
  • 4reinforcements plural

    refuerzos masculine