Translation of reinstate in Spanish:


reintegrar, v.

Pronunciation /riːɪnˈsteɪt//ˌriɪnˈsteɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (worker) reintegrar
    (worker) reincorporar
    (official) restituir en el cargo
    (official) rehabilitar en el cargo
    • A major study to test the viability of reinstating the missing rail link between Manchester and Derby is to start soon.
    • The scheme will involve revamping the two ground floor retail units, reinstating the living accommodation and converting and extending 1950s workshops at the back of the property into additional homes.
    • It is said he was not reinstated to the position in which he was employed prior to the termination.
    • Napoleon escapes by sea to return to Paris in hopes of dethroning the king and reinstating the republic.
    • But speaking ahead of the meeting, Monitor said there was no possibility of reinstating the axed chairman.
    • It was parliament that reinstated the monarchy during the Restoration period, and not the other way round.
    • Another important target is reinstating traditional features such as shop fronts, windows and doors.
    • After that, I won my appeal at a council hearing but, instead of reinstating me, they promptly sacked me again.
    • Perhaps we could start a new policy of tidying up past projects that have ceased, such as professionally reinstating the grass where the skateboard park once existed?
    • The Feds Board of Directors later reinstated the approval for the expansion of the facilities.
    • Congress should prepare for this long campaign by reinstating the military draft and making a high priority the induction of members of those groups that are currently underrepresented in the nation's armed services.
    • The paper was reinstated and an investigation into the closing of the paper was organized.
    • But residents are hoping there will be a complete overhaul of the building, including reinstating the first floor, which was removed during Victorian times.
    • He added: ‘To help with the immediate problem we will be bringing additional staff into the cemetery from parks to help with reinstating standards and giving priority to new grave plots which have the most numbers of visitors.’
    • Congress needs to act now to ensure that the armed services have an ample supply of people to do these difficult - and very dangerous - jobs by reinstating the draft.
    • Farmers and parish councils are reinstating hedgerows and planting trees which were ripped out under orders from the government during and immediately after the Second World War.
    • We are reinstating the rights we always claimed we had.
    • First he was dropped, then following a public outcry, he was reinstated.
    • The service includes help with essential shopping, arranging to collect medication from the pharmacy, turning on the heating in the patient's house, and reinstating services such as meals-on-wheels.
    • If Jones is reinstated and awarded his back pay, he'll repay them out of that.
  • 2

    (law) reinstaurar
    (service) restablecer
  • 3

    (paragraph/word) volver a incluir