Translation of reiterate in Spanish:


reiterar, v.

Pronunciation /riːˈɪtəreɪt//riˈɪdəˌreɪt/

transitive verb


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    • But the Burnley boss insists he is still keeping one eye on the opposite end of the table after reiterating that survival remains his number one target.
    • We will be reiterating that safety message until the crossing is turned back on.
    • Officials at Sligo General Hospital are reiterating an apology to a patient who received the wrong medication on being discharged.
    • Ms. White was again reiterating her opposition to an inter-urban motorway but stated she fully supported the upgrading of roads and the urgent need for a Carlow bypass.
    • They carried placards reiterating the need for abolishing child labour and the slogans emphasised the need to end this social menace, which was rampant in developing countries.
    • May I reiterate comments made four years ago, which I will repeat with monotonous regularity until something is done about it.
    • The media also vividly portrayed the emotional sequel of the disaster reiterating the importance of emotional support and psychological interventions.
    • But while the research is taking place, the Department of Health is reiterating its precautionary advice on the use of mobile phones.
    • Advertisements will also appear in the national press this week and the local press next week reiterating this public health message.
    • He has also written to them reiterating his commitment to ensuring all the relevant facts are made available.
    • I must commend the writers of the two letters in your June 30th issue reiterating the need for abortion rights for women.
    • But the Commission's latest offer reiterates clearly that the EU is not prepared to contribute to a new agreement at any price.
    • India lacks in ‘improved coaching techniques’ and facilities, she reiterates.
    • He said the board was making progress towards a decision on the future of the bank's UK operation, reiterating that retention rather than divestment was on the agenda.
    • The emphasis on technical skill was reiterated again and again in the Kennedy household.
    • It pledged that there would be no more problems, and Liz received a letter the following day reiterating this.
    • This practice of reiterating the connection between Indigenous people and our countries is a tradition within the movement of Contemporary Indigenous art and photography.
    • The children signed cards reiterating that they would be around for their elders in their times of need.
    • The resolution also includes a clause reiterating an existing law that prevents more than four unrelated persons from living together in one house or duplex.
    • And mortgage brokers are now reiterating the basic premise that any loans will affect the size of a mortgage a lender will allow.