Translation of rejection slip in Spanish:

rejection slip

nota de rechazo, n.


  • 1

    nota de rechazo feminine
    • He continued to write poems as he grew up, and received the usual quota of rejection slips when he tried to publish them.
    • Now the book is in its third printing and I just threw away 1,900 rejection slips I received denying my request to publish this book.
    • Compared with that, a few rejection slips seem quite insubstantial, really.
    • A rejection slip from Bloomsbury is no longer regarded as a death warrant.
    • The next time you get a rejection slip, try to think of it as a merciful release.
    • ‘All I do is fill out job applications and collect the rejection slips,’ he says, taking a drag on a cigarette and leaning forward on his tattooed arms.
    • At some stage, and possibly at many different stages, decisions have to be made on whether to continue to consider a book for publication, or to send it back to its author with a rejection slip.
    • I think it's the idea of all those rejection slips that puts me off!
    • Even the violet rejection slips had a hint of aestheticism.
    • He extravagantly wined and dined us and constantly pestered us with her submissions despite our rude photocopied rejection slips.
    • Meanwhile he was writing a novel, and then sending it out and receiving endless rejection slips and so on.
    • A flood of rejection slips greeted her initial submissions of adult stories and essays.
    • It sounds corny, but I would rather receive a rejection slip than write one.
    • I add this latest rejection slip from a literary magazine to my collection and turn back to the short story I had submitted.
    • Nevertheless, the road to publication was littered with rejection slips.
    • There are stories in boxes - there's even a whole children's book - that I'm happy that I got rejection slips for.
    • Her bedroom, she says, is littered with rejection slips.
    • The other thing that makes her happy is the fact that she has finally got her novel published, after three years of wall-to-wall rejection slips.
    • She tore up the rejection slip, and she put it in her dog's bowl.
    • She finished the first when she was 17, tried to get it published, failed, but took on board the advice on the rejection slips.