Translation of relapse in Spanish:


recaída, n.

Pronunciation /ˈriˌlæps//ˈriːlaps/


  • 1

    recaída feminine
    to have / suffer a relapse tener / sufrir una recaída
    • In the first placebo controlled trial conducted in rapid cycling disorder, lamotrigine improved the overall relapse rate.
    • Lower doses of metronidazole are often effective in invasive disease but may fail to eliminate the intraluminal infection, allowing clinical relapses to occur.
    • In salmonella infections relapses of enteritis or bacteraemia are common.
    • Many of these patients also experienced a relapse of their psychotic illness after the pregnancy.
    • The secretary fills such crucial roles as mapping patient response to drug therapies aimed at reducing relapses and resulting disability, a relatively new dimension in MS care.
    • The measure of the sterilizing activity of a regimen is reflected by the relapse rate after successful treatment.
    • During follow up some of them had a bacteriological relapse of the disease within one and a half years.
    • The primary endpoint at one-year was the reduction in the rate of clinical relapses.
    • Despite initial immunological or pharmacological control, remote relapses of intracellular leishmanial infections are well recognised.
    • During the treatment period, the drug significantly reduced new lesions in the brain and reduced the number of patients suffering relapses.
    • The drug reduced the rate of clinical relapses in MS patients by up to 66% and was slowing the development of brain lesions.
    • In all patients with relapses of the disease this biochemical parameter shows its importance.
    • Patients with frequent relapses often exhibit new lesions after enhancement with gadolinium, indicating focal breakdown of the blood-brain barrier.
    • These agents offer shorter treatment courses, higher cure rates and fewer relapses.
    • Systemically administered steroids have been shown to decrease hospital admission rates and prevent asthma relapses.
    • However, once treatment was stopped, there were no differences in the rates of relapses and new brain lesions between the two groups.
    • A small proportion of patients with mucosal disease will have repeated relapses.
    • She emphasised she had a realistic plan to try and avoid a relapse into the cycle of drug use and crime which has had her in its grip for the past five years.
    • In view of these considerations, the selection of empirical treatment regimens for patients with relapses should be based on the prior treatment scheme.
    • Discrimination may bring on loss of job, home, or friendship, precipitating a depressive episode or relapses of schizophrenia.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    tener una recaída
    sufrir una recaída
    to relapse into sth
    • to relapse into unconsciousness volver a perder el conocimiento
    • to relapse into apathy volver a caer en la apatía
    • to relapse into silence volver a sumirse en el silencio
    • to relapse into bad habits volver a los malos hábitos
    • Despite claims she has relapsed into her old eating habits, Mary-Kate's spokesman said it was something all patients had to do when they were released..
    • They have relapsed back into their old ways, the revival already forgotten.
    • This turns out to be a great strain after some time, and it relapses into its bad ways again.
    • He calls it a blip and likens it to a reformed alcoholic relapsing into a 24-hour binge.
    • Doctors do not know how many relapsed into mental listlessness or took the extreme step.
    • Ten patients relapsed after the completion of treatment.
    • He had lost the employment through no fault of his own, rowed with his girlfriend and the combination led him to relapse into drinking and taking too many pills.
    • Different people relapse into silence for different reasons.
    • Two clients relapsed to abusive drinking, and one of those clients was charged with a third driving-under-the-influence citation.
    • At home, however, he relapsed into his shakahari ways.
    • We're spending a whale of a lot of money to try to do that, and we'd prefer that it not relapse into becoming another haven or sanctuary for terrorists that go around the world killing people.
    • For many of the respondents, living on the streets meant relapsing into drug use.
    • The Lords sought to change the legislation to make it apply to people who had suffered debilitating depression and had recovered but then relapsed into further bouts.
    • The main goal of this intervention is to keep him motivated and to avoid a relapse into a less active lifestyle.
    • He would have stable periods in a relationship and then relapse into physical abuse.
    • If patients relapsed, they were crossed over to the other treatment regimen.
    • In the nortriptyline-lithium group, only one patient relapsed after five weeks of medication.
    • Tell them I've relapsed if you have to, but please don't tell them what I've been doing.
    • He has apparently given up drugs on three or four occasions, but he has relapsed.
    • Let it be hoped that we can refrain from relapsing into the bad old habits once the dreaded epidemic is over, so a new Shanghai with a new outlook will emerge in the long run.
    • Careful checks are made on how people fare after the help and very few relapse into this type of problem.
    • All patients were cured ultimately and no patients relapsed during six months of follow up.
    • As for Hodge, there is little doubt that he will relapse into his traditional scapegoat role today in the eyes of the Scottish rugby public.
    • Two of the 11 patients relapsed on valproic acid.
    • However, when light therapy was discontinued, patients quickly relapsed, whereas patients on tryptophan had a slower relapse rate.
    • He ended up relapsing and he also ended up dying on the street.
    • The patient had relapsed 1 year prior to the current presentation and was treated with 2-clorodeoxyadenosine.
    • One patient relapsed upon discontinuation of clarithromycin therapy but has since responded to re-initiation of treatment.
    • Thirteen patients relapsed after positive response to therapy and developed tumors at pre-existing or new sites within the body.
    • Bankura superintendent of police Anil Kumar said that the family members had relapsed into sullen silence, refusing to speak to anyone.
    • This finding is clinically significant since it explains why many patients relapsed after being directly switched from clozapine to risperidone.
    • Ten out of the eleven patients relapsed after discontinuing MPA against medical advice.
    • And she didn't have that at that point, so she's relapsing.
    • But after three decades of lull, it has started relapsing into anarchy and violence.
    • We offered endoscopy to patients who relapsed.
    • If that's true, then a former inmate who already has what it takes to clean up his act isn't likely to relapse into a life of crime just because he can't cast a ballot.
    • When people relapsed despite the aversions, the researchers asked them a lot of questions about what happened.
    • It was reported some patients relapsed within days to months after the reserpine treatment.
    • Burma, so beautiful and prosperous 50 years ago, has relapsed into barbarity.
    • Anyone who has familiarity with chemical dependency treatment knows of circumstances where leaders have relapsed or not been honest about their recovery.