Translation of relation in Spanish:


pariente, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈleɪʃ(ə)n//rəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    pariente feminine
    pariente masculine
    parienta feminine
    familiar masculine
    he's no relation (of mine) no es pariente mío
    • pictured are John Hull and James Hull (no relation) en la fotografía aparecen John Hull y James Hull, quienes no están emparentados
    • what relation is she to you? ¿qué parentesco tiene contigo?
    • Are many of your relations students, available only during the holidays or the summer?
    • Perhaps there is comfort here for anyone who dreads the death of a close relation.
    • He is mourned by his wife Marie, children, grandchildren and relations.
    • The man he had ordered killed must have been a close relation of hers; most likely her father.
    • She is survived by her husband, sons, mother, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces and other relations.
    • She is survived by her sons, daughters, brother, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and by other relations.
    • At this stage, I was finding it upsetting, seeing a close relation, who once knew me well, so disorientated.
    • The definition does not include your cousins or any relations by marriage.
    • He is survived by his sister Margaret in England, nephew and niece, relations, neighbours and friends.
    • They didn't even look like distant relations of each other, much less the same person.
    • We extend sincere sympathy to his mother Maisie, sister and brothers, relations and many friends.
    • The majority are fathers, brothers, uncles, relations, neighbours or babysitters.
    • We extend to all her sons, daughters, grandchildren, relations and friends our heartfelt sympathy.
    • This means that we all know and probably have a close relation who has had an abortion in England.
    • He is survived by his wife Tess, three sons and two daughters, family relations and a host of friends he made through the music business.
    • Parents, uncles, aunts, and relations were present for the memorable occasion.
    • Sympathy is extended to his wife, family, relations and friends.
    • Sincere sympathy is extended to his nieces, nephews and relations.
    • Had he not been his brother and his closest relation, he would have murdered him in cold blood.
    • He is survived by his nephews, nieces, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and by other relations.
  • 2

    • 2.1(connection)

      relación feminine
      there is a close relation between poverty and ill health hay una relación muy estrecha entre la pobreza y la mala salud
      • to bear no relation to sth no guardar ninguna relación con algo
      • Such an analysis obscures the relation between miscarriages at different stages of gestation and maternal age.
      • A causal relation between asthma and obesity is supported by data from cohort studies.
      • But when it comes to the relation between sense and reference, the analogy could mislead.
      • How would you regard the relation between your critical and poetic activities?
      • Therefore, in our study, symbolic beliefs do not mediate the relation between prior contact and attitudes.
      • If, however, we adopt the second hypothesis, we have to inquire only as to the relation between cause and effect.
      • It may also be hard to see the relation between cause and effect.
      • The present study does not offer a causal relation between primary hyperparathyroidism and the development of renal stone disease.
      • Secondly, there is the lack of emotion in relations between husband and wife and between parents and children.
      • Together with the supposed necessary truth, it implies the obtaining of the causal relation between agent and action.
      • Thus organic bodies vary when they move into new relations with each other and with the inorganic environment.
      • This indicates a causal relation between the two, but that leaves three possibilities
      • Our findings suggest a causal relation between second teenage birth and adverse pregnancy outcome.
      • We used a sensitivity analysis to test the effect of different assumptions on the relation between income and management costs.
      • Hence the assertion of a causal relation between physical and mental events is inherently paradoxical, perhaps even incoherent.
      • His words of lament emphasize the inalienable relation of father to daughter or bride to homeland.
      • In addition, symbolic beliefs did not mediate the relation between prior contact and attitudes for either group.
      • What is the causal relation between the pattern of division and cell differentiation?
      • Rather, they involve a relation between a believer and a thought believed.
      • Dimensions of quality space can vary in their dependence relations on each other.

  • 3relations plural

    relaciones feminine
    to establish/break off/restore relations (with sb/sth) establecer/romper/restablecer relaciones (con algn/algo)
    • to have sexual relations with sb tener relaciones sexuales con algn