Translation of relax in Spanish:


relajarse, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈlæks//rɪˈlaks/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) relajarse
    she plays the guitar to relax toca la guitarra para relajarse / como esparcimiento
    • I find it hard to relax in their company no me encuentro del todo cómodo / a gusto con ellos
    • relax, I'll take care of everything quédate tranquilo que yo me encargo de todo
    • I saw her tense up slightly before relaxing and forcing a grin on her face.
    • The air was refreshing and Alex relaxed into the seat, stopping her fidgeting.
    • She shuddered under me; tensing and relaxing, again and again.
    • He felt her tense and then relax back against him, allowing herself to take the comfort that he offered her.
    • The girl's eyelids flinched, as though she was dreaming, and she tensed up momentarily before relaxing and falling into a true sleep.
    • Somehow he made my tense body relax some, I don't know how, but it was soothing.
    • She smiled at me, friendly, and I relaxed - then tensed slightly, because the door was closing behind me.
    • Whereas she's relatively calm and relaxed, he's tense and anxious.
    • Unprepared, I tensed, then relaxed against him, reminding myself that this was acceptable now.
    • The slow, fluid movements help tense, stressed people relax and strengthen their bodies without worrying about over-exertion or strain.
    • My whole body was tensing and relaxing as my logical mind and instincts fought against each other.
    • His body tensed but then relaxed as they both stepped though the portal.
    • Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed; don't tense them up as you roll your hips upward.
    • He looked truly happy and relaxed, and I smiled back weakly.
    • However, there are times when a vacation is much more relaxing and comfortable when it can be completed in a makeshift home environment.
    • After a couple minutes, her tense body relaxed and she wiggled in the stretcher to get more comfortable.
    • Sam tensed, then relaxed, not responding, but not pulling back either.
    • His reassuring smile relaxed me as I hurried to my first class seat and settled in for the flight.
    • Something about that made me less tense, made me relax some.
    • While Leeds looked tense and nervous, City were confident and relaxed.
  • 2

    (features/muscle) relajarse
    his grip on her relaxed slightly dejó de sujetarla con tanta fuerza
    • A nightly foot and lower leg massage not only relaxes the feet, it also helps promote restful sleep.
    • It was still something that you used for improving your circulation and relaxing your muscles.
    • When he lost control over his two-wheeler once, he relaxed his muscles.
    • The treatment involves soft tissue work, relaxing the muscles and manipulating the neck and back.
    • It relaxes the dorsal muscles and goes down to the lower back to alleviate the pain many feel after hours of sitting up and working on a computer.
    • Chelsea frowns, but quickly relaxes her eyebrow muscles - not wanting to crack the clear facial mask.
    • The reason for that is that adrenalin will smooth or relax the muscles in the lungs.
    • In a stress-filled world with high morbidity, patients mob doctors and there is no time to relax the facial muscles.
    • Massage relieves muscular pains using pressure; acupuncture relaxes the muscles, inserting then manipulating needles using hands and heat.
    • Many things may cause a child to be unable to relax their sphincter muscles when trying to urinate.
    • When you have a leg cramp, relax the muscle through gentle massage, or heat the muscle with a warm towel or hot water bottle.
    • Penile smooth muscle is also relaxed by other agents.
    • Relaxation techniques can help you withstand stress better and also help relax facial muscles and skin.
    • It acts by relaxing the muscle in the airways and lets air in and out more easily.
    • It may slip back into the body when lying down or when the local muscles are relaxed.
    • The placenta produces large amounts of the hormone progesterone, which appropriately prevents the uterine smooth muscle from contracting, but also relaxes smooth muscle throughout the body.
    • Smoking relaxes the sphincter muscles, so makes acid reflux more likely.
    • In the next few months Jacob will need to have a new leg brace cast and is in line for Botox injections to relax the muscles in his leg and hand.
    • After stretching my limbs as far as they could go, I completely relaxed my muscles, snuggled with my pillows and drifted back to sleep.
    • It relaxes the muscles and joints while strengthening your body from within.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) relajar
  • 2

    (discipline/muscles/rules) relajar
    she relaxed her grip sujetó con menos fuerza
    • he didn't relax his concentration continuó muy concentrado
    • we will not relax our efforts no cejaremos en nuestro empeño