Translation of relaxed in Spanish:


relajado, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈlækst//rɪˈlakst/


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    (person/manner) relajado
    (manner/person) tranquilo
    (atmosphere/party) informal
    they have a very relaxed attitude to it all se lo toman todo con mucha tranquilidad
    • she seems very relaxed about the exam no parece demasiado preocupada por el examen
    • Onboard, you will find a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with excellent service.
    • These two rules make the atmosphere more relaxed and friendly.
    • The atmosphere was throughout relaxed and benign.
    • There was a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with no trouble and there were even signs up advising punters to order taxis at the beginning of the evening, complete with a list of numbers.
    • All are welcome to browse through information and job vacancies on offer in a relaxed atmosphere.
    • It's a tasty food with enough varieties even for die-hard veggies and is usually served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
    • And check it out you should - it's a pleasant, neighbourhoody spot, with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere.
    • If you're looking for a chilled relaxed, friendly atmosphere, then this is the place to be.
    • Smith says the relaxed atmosphere helps his staff open up more and forget the pressures of the office.
    • Mr Rock paid tribute to the hospitality of the locals, as well as the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere which prevailed throughout the weekend.
    • For the casual non-pilgrim visitor, their relaxed atmosphere makes them extremely accessible.
    • The welcoming blue eyes crossed with guarded tension, and her relaxed pose stiffened with anxiety.
    • In this relaxed atmosphere dancers can shop around by hanging out at open doorways and observing dancers and teachers in action.
    • The comparatively open spaces made for a relaxed atmosphere as a very laid-back audience stretched out in the warm weather to enjoy the sounds wafting over from the main stage.
    • So you've got the great food, you've got the friendly service, you've got the relaxed atmosphere and toe-tapping music.
    • Whatever your reason for nominating, be it a good selection of drinks, friendly bar staff or a relaxed atmosphere, we want to hear from you.
    • I found it to be a relaxed atmosphere, where I could converse with friends over a quiet drink.
    • It's a credit to Byrne's skill as a performer, that he's casually able to generate such a relaxed atmosphere.
    • Refreshments were provided and enjoyed by all in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
    • She contrasted this chaos to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Buala, which had no roads, no construction and no amenities.