Translation of relevant in Spanish:


pertinente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛləvənt//ˈrɛləv(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (document/facts) pertinente
    (document/facts) relevante
    applicants should have relevant experience los candidatos deberán poseer experiencia en el sector
    • a message that is still relevant today un mensaje que todavía hoy tiene validez
    • the relevant authorities las autoridades competentes
    • that's not relevant to this discussion eso no guarda relación con lo que estamos discutiendo
    • I don't see how that's relevant no veo qué relación tiene eso
    • You must therefore plan carefully to make sure you are covering relevant material.
    • We must keep it going long-term and make it relevant to people here and over there.
    • Those involved were people who worked closely with her during the relevant period.
    • To achieve this it has had to make sure that all relevant facts are carefully considered.
    • How is the long, varied story of the town on the moors relevant to its modern inhabitants?
    • That is a relevant matter in considering whether or not the children had settled.
    • This is partly because this matter may go further and there are relevant facts to be found.
    • In some cases, it takes up to two hours for council officials to access the relevant web page.
    • It must be a matter for the defence to decide on what is relevant to the case it has to meet.
    • Did the Minister leave relevant matter out of account in deciding to make the Order?
    • They in turn would identify the relevant vehicle and stop it at a safe place in order to speak to the driver.
    • If not, please call me and explain and then maybe I can contact the relevant people.
    • The next option is to attempt to rebrand himself as a culturally relevant force.
    • I wrote to the manager of the relevant trust asking if funds were available for the work.
    • It has been passed on to the relevant higher authorities who are treating it very seriously.
    • The rules, however, are only relevant to the way the safety camera scheme is funded.
    • To make it even more relevant, audience members will have the chance to participate.
    • So I wanted the council to know what had happened to me because I thought it was relevant.
    • If there is a failure to disclose all the relevant matters, amendment will be refused.
    • This is partly based on grounds of public safety on the advice of the relevant authorities.