Translation of relic in Spanish:


reliquia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛlɪk//ˈrɛlɪk/


  • 1

    reliquia feminine
    the ceremony is a relic from medieval times la ceremonia es un vestigio de una tradición medieval
    • are you still driving that old relic? ¿todavía tienes esa cascarria antediluviana?
    • This may appear justified when you consider that foreigners such as the British and Italians are guilty of looting historical relics.
    • Plans also call for a small underground exhibition space and archive containing photos, relics and historical information about the Holocaust.
    • It's a city packed full of historical monuments and relics, of myths and legends, which seem to come to life every time you walk through its century old streets.
    • An extraordinary collection of photographs, relics and contemporary social pieces has been unveiled at the National Library of Australia, in Canberra.
    • It's loaded with ceramic artifacts and historical relics.
    • Models of historic buildings and cultural relics enable architects and archaeologists to study their subject in closer detail than might otherwise be possible.
    • Even more tragic is the loss of thousands of cultural and historical relics.
    • The three rooms in the cottage are furnished as they would have been in the pioneering days and many relics of interest have been donated to add to the display.
    • Like relics from an earlier age, they appeared gaunt, angular, rugged and unshaven!
    • Both men support the proposal for a military museum in Geraldton where such relics will be displayed.
    • I would like to start by making it clear that, for the most part, I am in favour of the preservation of historical relics for both the enjoyment of, and study by, both our own and future generations.
    • It has some 4 million residents and is known for its beaches, hot springs, resorts and historic relics.
    • Almost all the early Egyptian relics in England were brought back by travellers.
    • It offers budget accommodation and has books and relics highlighting the history of the area.
    • Narrow staircases lead to vast, warehouse-sized chambers, and relics are scattered about the place.
    • The saddle no longer looked like an interesting historical relic but an instrument of torture.
    • By the 1840s, however, there was growing interest in antiques, and this bowl may well have been given to the church as a historical relic.
    • Some of the most interesting photographs are of relics from the War of 1812 and a captured bell from the Philippine Insurrection of 1899.
    • The Fort is a treasure house of priceless relics - miniatures, paintings, howdahs, palanquins and arms - all displayed with an astute eye for aesthetics and history.
    • Great buildings of government are important and in some cases, historical relics in and of themselves.
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    reliquia feminine
    • Pilgrimages to the sites of miracles and holy relics grew ever more popular, and the number of such places increased.
    • These holy relics were keenly sought after as the people saw their purchase as a way of pleasing God.
    • Here too were the holy relics of colonial Ireland passing through closure into our new present.
    • The palace and the king also attracted many holy relics whose number and quality bestowed prestige and authority on their owner.
    • Their great old houses overflow with rough medieval furniture, threadbare tapestries and religious relics worn smooth by the touch of generations.
    • Luther lived at a time when the bible was only available in Latin, when the Church exploited people by selling holy relics for salvation.
    • This Sunday, October 26, a record number of people are expected at Knock Shrine when the relics of Mother Teresa will arrive.
    • The reverence shown for relics has roots in the celebration of the Eucharist over the graves of the first Christian martyrs.
    • They apparently have holy relics stored in the crypt.
    • Instead of being regarded with panic or horror, these relics are reverenced.
    • First degree relics are remains of a saint's body or any of their body parts.
    • With the canonisation of the Confessor in 1161, his regalia gained the status of holy relics, further increasing the veneration with which they were regarded.
    • He could invoke saints and employ relics, sprinkle holy water and exorcise the devil.
    • The violence he remembered was no local riot: it was part of a chain of violence that had been set off by the theft of a holy relic from the Hazrat Bal mosque in 1964.
    • The doctors who were tending to the Pope during his final hours are auctioning off a sample of the Pope's blood as a holy relic.
    • People have a long history of conserving paintings, buildings and religious relics.
    • He had a profoundly religious nature and built the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, to house holy relics brought from Constantinople.
    • Indeed, there is a relic in the historical museum of the University of Lund which is said to be a piece of the tree under which the Holy Family rested on their famous journey.
    • The holy relic is believed to protect the 25 sq. km. former Portuguese colony, on the doorstep of China, from natural disasters.
    • It is exhilarating to visit these monasteries, as also the Buddhist Museum which has Buddhist relics excavated from various parts of India.