Translation of relief in Spanish:


alivio, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈlif//rɪˈliːf/


  • 1

    (from worry, pain)
    alivio masculine
    a sigh/feeling of relief un suspiro/una sensación de alivio
    • what a relief! ¡qué alivio!
    • to my great relief, she forgot all about it para mi gran alivio, se olvidó completamente del asunto
    • the concert had not sold out, much to my relief por suerte todavía quedaban entradas para el concierto
    • it's a relief that the rain's stopped/to sit down at last menos mal que ha parado de llover/que al fin puedo sentarme
    • the news came as a great relief to us respiramos aliviados / tranquilos al oír la noticia
    • it will be a relief for your parents tus padres se quedarán tranquilos
    • he provides comic relief in a gloomy movie relaja la tensión con una nota cómica en una película bastante pesimista
    • I went to the movies for light relief fui al cine para distraerme
    • I wanted some relief from the daily routine quería escapar un poco de la rutina diaria
    • to give relief from pain calmar / aliviar el dolor
    • The Captain continuing to massage her tensed muscles and relaxation once again gave relief to the few lingering spasms.
    • Turning away I closed my eyes and released a sigh of relief.
    • What followed was a frenzy of joy, relief and unfiltered emotion.
    • Thomas was watching her with relief so palpable that she ached in sympathy.
    • The mix of emotions on his face was so varied between anxiety, worry and relief, when he saw me breathing again.
    • On emergence from anesthesia, nearly all patients experience immediate pain relief and mild sensory loss.
    • I almost screamed into the phone out of excitement, relief, anticipation, anxiety, and every other unsure feeling.
    • A rush of relief washed over him as Lukas' voice answered the inquiry.
    • They both sighed with relief, and released each other.
    • But he also feels that an end would provide relief from the pain of his loneliness.
    • I start towards the other table with a strange mixture of relief and anxiety.
    • His smile was one of relief and he relaxed again slightly, drawing her close for one last squeeze of a hug before asking.
    • This regimen usually continues until the patient experiences relief from symptoms.
    • I entwined my fingers with hers, experiencing relief and dissolved anxiety as I felt her squeeze back.
    • Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that Father Christmas did turn up that night and there was much joy the following morning - joy mixed with relief.
    • A few minutes later, Vicki heard the ‘ding’ of the front door and released a breath of relief.
    • I felt a sense of relief, reassuring myself that that girl wouldn't be me.
    • These creams can lubricate the area and some contain a local anaesthetic to provide short term relief from any discomfort.
    • To get relief from soaring summer temperatures, children head to the beach or local pool.
    • There were so many feelings in this room: happiness, relief, anxiety, anger and pain.
    • She had been unable to obtain relief from over-the-counter medications, because she could not swallow pills.
    • As a result, they feel they need relief and reassurance more than ever.
    • While you're waiting for your tendon to heal, you can find immediate relief from the discomfort by icing the painful area.
    • That gave me a slight relief but it quickly subsided when she sat down next to Travis again.
    • It was with a feeling of relaxation and relief that every one heard the clocks strike the hour for the close of the poll.
    • In severe cases, antidepressants may provide greater symptomatic relief.
    • The majority of patients undergoing this procedure experience immediate pain relief.
    • Releasing a breath of relief, Rachel absently accepted Lucy's urge to move forward.
    • At once, with mixed relief and anxiety, she realized that they were alone.
    • When other therapies fail to provide relief from the pain of a damaged hip, hip replacement may be the answer.
    • Evelyn cried out with relief, but her reassured expression soon changed drastically in a look of pure fury.
    • This is a drug that may be given by injection to treat cluster headache, and usually gives fast relief from acute attacks.
    • Is there a treatment that can bring relief from the pain and muscle stiffness?
    • Nitrates often are used in emergency treatment of acute chest pain, but relief with nitrates is an uncertain diagnostic and prognostic sign.
    • And for some of you, relief from this sometimes paralyzing disorder could be within sight.
    • While you wait for your body to mend, pain medication provides relief.
    • Thus, the clinician's goal is to promote relief from pain and promote functional recovery.
    • Like a patient leaving the hospital, she stepped out of the house on 11 Bandfield Street and gazed at the street with a blend of relief and anxiety.
    • A high percent of respondents had some, little or no relief from a number of herbal products that have been shown in medical studies to be helpful.
    • Though she felt like releasing a sigh of relief, for an unknown reason the happiness refused to come.
  • 2

    ayuda feminine
    (de emergencia) auxilio masculine
    before noun famine relief ayuda para paliar la hambruna
    • to be on relief recibir prestaciones de la seguridad social
    • before noun relief agency/fund organismo/fondo de ayuda a los damnificados de una catástrofe
    • relief effort gestión de ayuda
    • relief organization organización de socorro
    • relief work trabajo de socorro
    • relief worker miembro del equipo de socorro
  • 3

    • 3.1Military

      (de una plaza sitiada) liberación feminine
      • They also were significant in limited tactical actions close to the shore such as the prosecution or relief of sieges.
      • So, in the summer of 1139, while Zengi was laying siege to Damascus, a Christian army marched to its relief.
      • In 1646, on the anniversary of the relief of Taunton from siege, George Newton, the minister, looked around him and described it in a sermon.

    • 3.2(replacement)

      relevo masculine
      (driver/crew) (before noun) de relevo
      • I saw a relief teacher writing things on the board, and sighed.
      • Fifteen cohorts were annihilated at Atuatuca, and another garrison commanded by Quintus Cicero only just saved by a relief column.
      • Here comes Stengel out of the dugout, waving for a relief pitcher.
      • The question remains whether the carnage that was wrought from the air and by the relief columns was strictly necessary.
      • The first day I worked in the OR, a relief nurse came to give me a break, and I began to look forward to the morning socialization and a cup of coffee.
      • Fifteen months later, he takes up a position as a relief teacher in a Los Angeles school where gangs rule and education is resisted by most students.
      • He has no real job and owes his flatmate Ned, who is a relief teacher, over $2000 in back rent.
      • In the meantime, your lessons will be taken over by a relief teacher today.
      • After some time, a relief dealer came to our table and took over dealing.
      • As it was a dark, moonless night and the Americans were advancing silently, a German relief column was unaware that an American attack was under way.
      • The purpose of the third soldier was to provide an alert assistant to the driver while the relief driver slept in one of the two bunks in the cab.
      • Once we had this physics lesson with a relief teacher because our normal teacher was off sick and Andy pretended to be deaf.
      • The former relief pitcher has had mixed success when he staggers his delivery.

  • 4

    • 4.1British (from tax)

      desgravación feminine

    • 4.2Law

      desagravio masculine
      • The motion now before this court seeks the following relief.
      • Does this court have authority to grant the interlocutory relief sought?
      • He then concluded that the balance of convenience favours granting the injunctive relief.
      • There are some cases where judicial review courts give relief.
      • The applicant in this case seeks prerogative relief under section 75 of the Constitution.

  • 5

    • 5.1(effect)

      relieve masculine
      carved in high/low relief tallado en alto/bajo relieve
      • to stand out in relief resaltar
      • to bring / throw sth into relief poner algo de relieve
      • The need for relief supplies may not have been as urgent this time around.
      • And he wants to use the occasion to urge people to keep contributing to tsunami disaster relief.
      • How many of these people would have spent a penny over a relief fund?
      • The UN in Somalia had resolved very little, apart from initial famine relief.
      • I've created an edition of prints to benefit the Tsunami disaster relief efforts.
      • Threats of a ferocious US-led assault on Afghanistan forced relief agencies to pull out.
      • The following relief is necessary to bring about a cessation of the violence or the threat of violence.
      • We go into the most desperate situations to provide medical relief.
      • But the same needs for relief supplies, evacuation and emergency services would exist.
      • At relief camps, the water and food is being provided by private organisations.
      • It has assisted with disaster relief in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Lebanon, and the Persian Gulf region.
      • Firefighters in Bingley are hoping to wash hundreds of vehicles to raise funds to help the tsunami disaster relief effort.
      • Remember, nobody could come in with relief supplies because it was too dangerous.
      • What could be wrong with an emergency drought relief bill?
      • Currently Iraqi leaders have been turning down humanitarian efforts and have refused offers of relief from private medical groups.
      • Relief agencies offer public information about disasters and how to prepare for them.
      • No sooner had I requested a little charcoal, when immediately a full scale famine relief effort was in effect.
      • The focus now is completely on getting relief and assistance into these devastated areas.
      • The services help the Corps build dams, waterways, roads and other national infrastructure, as well as assist in disaster relief.
      • Their businesses offer services to companies seeking or holding federal contracts in the hurricane relief operation.

    • 5.2(piece of work)

      relieve masculine
      • The arch was inset with sculptural reliefs depicting the campaigns of the French armies in Italy, while in front and behind it there stood figures of Liberty and Triumph on circular podia.
      • Stain-glass windows and reliefs on the column close to the altar add beauty to the atmosphere.
      • For good measure, they defaced some of the pagan reliefs adorning its walls.
      • The artist has no doubt found inspiration in Greco-Roman statuary and reliefs, because figures and forms are as flat as a classical frieze.
      • Williams took up painting full time only in the 1980s, after years of making sculptural reliefs that presented more generalized, symbolic statements about the human condition.
      • Though the palace and monastery have disappeared and the inside of the church has been gutted, the exterior walls are still in good condition and decorated with recognisable and realistic reliefs.
      • Unfortunately, this popular tale has as much basis as the legends attributing crucifixes and saintly reliefs in various Apuan village churches, and even one Gothic rose window, to the great master.
      • Rock reliefs carved by the sculptors of the Assyrian kings mark the terrain across the northern Iraqi countryside.
      • The empire's satrapies stretched from the Indus to the Aegean, and delicate reliefs on the walls of the Apadana Palace depict Libyans, Ethiopians, Egyptians, Turks and others bearing tributes to Darius.
      • The reliefs in the temple tell the story of the queen's divine birth, (even one showing her suckling the goddess Hathor who is always depicted as a cow), her conquests and achievements.
      • Although technically sculptural reliefs, these works speak to a number of painting's traditional formal concerns.
      • From a distance, the reliefs may appear to be governed by a strict bilateral symmetry, but closer inspection reveals a more complicated arrangement of planes.
      • Sculpture is generally classified into three major categories: intaglio, reliefs and sculpture in the round.
      • A sculptural relief on one wall was matched by a smaller negative version inserted into the wall opposite.
      • The very presence of the reliefs testified to Mussolini's power in restoring the past glories of Rome.
      • Yet this friezelike arrangement of rhyming bodies and limbs also invokes classical reliefs of ceremonial processions, endowing the painting's blithe subject with an unexpected grandeur.
      • From the outside, the concrete walls will feature reliefs of the bamboo found growing nearby.
      • But even more, these figures recall Greek and Roman architectural reliefs.
      • One of these reliefs is in the Museum of Fine Arts collection.
      • A recent show of two sculptures and nine wall reliefs invoked Penone's past with some humble, nontraditional materials, yet presented them in decidedly conventional formats.

    • 5.3Geography

      relieve masculine
      • Furthermore, in choosing the forward edge, it is important to take into account terrain relief, the type of soil, and the depth of the snow cover.
      • It took one computer artist a full year to paint terrain relief on every plate.