Translation of relight in Spanish:


volver a encender, v.

Pronunciation /riˈlaɪt//riːˈlʌɪt/

transitive verbrelit, relighted

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    volver a encender
    • The sun shined onto the earth, relighting it with gaiety and radiance.
    • Dylan relit his third cigarette that night, as Allison cracked her knuckles before strolling behind Phillips.
    • Once this is accomplished you can ask the utility company to inspect the gas system and relight the pilot lights for any remaining gas appliances.
    • When you relight the burner at a later date, re-expansion of the fixture could cause leaking at the fittings, and replacement of the unit might then be necessary.
    • The instructor pulled out a spark-striker that looked like any propane igniter, leapt up on the edge of the basket and relit the flame.
    • After leaving the salon, he leaned against the rail and relit his cigar.
    • Thoroughly rinse any cleaner from the glass before relighting the unit.
    • And, with ceremonial solemnity, he showed me how to relight the pilot on the furnace.
    • When she finally heaved herself up through the trap door onto the floor of the attic Chandra breathed a sigh of relief and relit the candle.
    • I didn't know if it was in reply to his smoking or the candle being relit.
    • There he relights the cigarettes and turns over to us to ask, in English, if we mind if he smokes.
    • Instead of relighting it, however, Jack held it up to his face and stared at it contemplatively, as if it held some great secret.
    • Hawthorne took my cigarette out of my hand, relit it, and handed it back to me.
    • Torches were then lighted from the bonfire and carried to each home to relight the hearth fire.
    • Fortunately, Lawrence remembered where the light switches were so the place was relit with illumination.
    • But a second call was made by neighbours just before midnight saying that a man was putting more wood on the fire and attempting to relight it.
    • Becky used her magic to create a spark of light that relit the torches.
    • Then we went and relit the barbecue and they made me cook burgers.
    • It wasn't so long ago that the lanterns on buoys were powered by acetylene gas, requiring more frequent visits to replace the gas, and to relight pilot lights which could be blown out.
    • Then he relighted the fire and made the soup, hoping every moment to see the old man come in.