Translation of reload in Spanish:


volver a cargar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈloʊd//riːˈləʊd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (truck/gun) volver a cargar
    Computing (program) recargar
    • Jason quickly picked up ammo from his dead enemy and reloaded his gun.
    • In a moment's time, he was in front of it, hopping off his stolen bike and reloading his pistol.
    • He hitched up his gunbelt, checked the Colt in his shoulder holster, and reloaded his carbine.
    • The German fighters were also limited in that they could not reload their guns if they ran out of ammunition while over Kent etc.
    • He told the court his friend told him to reload the gun, and he did so with ammunition from the other man's pocket.
    • He stood, on the main deck of his ship watching as the men prepared their ammunition, and reloaded the cannons.
    • On the steps of the police station Andrew frantically reloaded his gun, jamming more bullets into the circular chamber.
    • He reloaded his shotgun to fire the second shot, which hit Ward in the back as he tried to run away.
    • I looked at Greene who was currently reloading his rifle.
    • A third, after the gun was reloaded, hit him in the head.
    • I especially enjoy the sound made when reloading the shotgun.
    • He reloaded his shotgun, and counted the barrels in his jacket pocket.
    • His army at the same time reloaded their guns, then rest them on their shoulders.
    • An evil grin hitched his mouth up slightly and he reloaded his pistols.
    • The man looked up at Sara while reloading his revolver with practiced efficiency.
    • The lone gunman ducked down, reloading his gun.
    • Watching his own hands carefully, he reloaded the revolver, looking at the empty shells now at his feet.
    • That's some weaponry they have, he thought as he reloaded his extra gun.
    • He tossed Deputy Jones the magnum and reloaded the shotgun.
    • Slotting the capsule into the pistol, she reloaded the pistol with bullets.

intransitive verb

  • 1