Translation of relocate in Spanish:


trasladar, v.

Pronunciation /riːlə(ʊ)ˈkeɪt//ˌriloʊˈkeɪt//riˈloʊˌkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (factory/employee/office) (in the same labor market) trasladar
    (employee/factory/office) (to a cheaper labor market) deslocalizar
    • Hunt said businesses are likely to relocate to the suburbs with greater frequency in the near future.
    • That said, the band will be making its big move when they relocate to Toronto for the summer.
    • But now he is not so sure whether relocating to the US was a good career move.
    • If we don't, companies hardest hit by the downturn may go out of business or relocate out of Singapore.
    • I've never had to uproot my wife and uproot my life and relocate just for safe living conditions.
    • This time, in an almost seamless transition, the depot is relocating to the Dominion Shell station at the corner of Fifth and Princess.
    • But as filmmaker Samir finds, many of the Iraqi Jews had trouble relocating and fitting in to Israeli society.
    • Relocation costs are the costs incurred every time a firm relocates.
    • The poor state of roads has already forced some industries to threaten relocating outside the State.
    • Part of the problem is that firms are relocating overseas.
    • You see, my dad, who works in the military, just got a new assignment and we had to relocate.
    • Up to 1,000 skilled personnel have relocated along the South Coast in the move.
    • Currently housed in the Civic Centre, the gallery is relocating to the former Sully's Emporium on the main drag Argent Street.
    • There will be huge finances needed to relocate and rehabilitate the fishermen living inside the lake.
    • The decision to relocate from London was typical of his business philosophy.
    • Oftentimes, one partner may envision selling the house, moving out of state, or relocating to a warm climate.
    • It also cut a tax incentive aimed at new graduates relocating to remote regions.
    • Corporate service staff are being forced to relocate to Orange under the plan.
    • Following her divorce, a mother has to relocate with her daughter to a dingy apartment block with a worrying stain on the ceiling.
    • Just because major businesses have relocated to Sandton does not mean that the inner city no longer exists.
  • 2

    (refugees/slum dwellers) reasentar
    (refugees/slum dwellers) realojar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (company) trasladarse
    would you be prepared to relocate if offered the job? ¿estaría dispuesto a trasladarse de domicilio / a mudarse si le ofreciéramos el puesto?