Translation of reluctant in Spanish:


reacio, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈləktənt//rɪˈlʌkt(ə)nt/


  • 1

    he's a reluctant teetotaler/vegetarian es abstemio/vegetariano a su pesar / a regañadientes
    • they gave their reluctant consent to the proposal accedieron a la propuesta con grandes reservas
    • to be reluctant to + inf
    • they were reluctant to admit they had been wrong les costaba admitir que se habían equivocado
    • she seemed very reluctant to tell us what had happened no parecía muy dispuesta a decirnos qué había pasado
    • I'm reluctant to sell this chair me resisto a deshacerme de esta silla
    • The government is reluctant to impose higher standards for staffing because of concerns over cost.
    • Government officials always seem so reluctant to define qualifications for recipients of social welfare.
    • Even boys - traditionally reluctant readers - were devouring it under the blankets.
    • Courts are rightly reluctant to judge what statements in political ads are merely misleading.
    • Today, many ordinary people are still reluctant to talk about politics.
    • There are a lot of people, though, who would be very reluctant to let our traditional flag go.
    • He is the reluctant hero forced to deal with the forces of coincidence and fate.
    • In fact, I found myself reluctant to skip any topic in the book.
    • The answer did not completely satisfy the other young woman, but she nodded in reluctant acceptance.
    • The reluctant heroes are whisked off into space for their biggest role ever.
    • The events of the past week will make foreign governments extremely reluctant to put their citizens at risk.
    • But that would entail spending money the company is reluctant to spend right now.
    • In the past, companies were reluctant to share information with suppliers.
    • Oddly enough, he found himself reluctant to share any specifics of that night.
    • Still, counterterrorism agencies remain reluctant to share sensitive information or cooperate on prosecutions.
    • People are somewhat more reluctant to talk to foreigners than they were at the beginning.
    • Though the Supreme Court has now endorsed the reform process, most of its members were reluctant converts at best.
    • What on earth could be in our files that made them so reluctant to give us access?
    • But people appear increasingly reluctant to intervene in public places.
    • But investors are reluctant to take on long-term risk given the uncertainties over the economy.