Translation of rely in Spanish:


confiar en, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈlaɪ//rɪˈlʌɪ/

intransitive verbrelied, relying, relies

to rely on

  • 1

    (trust, have confidence)
    confiar en
    quality you can rely on calidad en la que usted puede confiar
    • I wouldn't rely on him yo no me fiaría de él
    • you can't rely on the weather/buses no puedes fiarte del tiempo/de los autobuses
    • to rely on sb to + inf
    • can we rely on him to keep his mouth shut? ¿podemos confiar en que no va a decir nada / en que no diga nada?
    • The investigating public is concerned to rely upon them as providing a true and fair picture of the financial state of a company in which members of the public might be interested to invest.
    • If the government is relying on polls to gauge public support, it will be very confused.
    • Like other clients, she had relied on their advice and integrity, she trusted them.
    • Banks rely on us being a bit lazy, a bit afraid of change, and a bit ignorant about what is available.
    • As for memoirs, even if there are any, they cannot always be trusted or relied upon.
    • The employee would be relying upon certain implied contractual terms such as that of trust and confidence and the duty to provide a safe working environment.
    • Instead, the majority of voters seem to rely on authority figures telling them how they should vote.
    • Yes, I know that it is lovely and thrilling to be relied upon and confided in.
    • As members of a society, we cope with these complexities and uncertainties by relying on trust.
    • It had previously relied on other banks to act on its behalf on an agency basis.
    • His friend did not believe in chances nor did he believe in relying on anyone else.
    • Of course not, and many campaigners who give their lives to demanding more could be relied on to say so.
    • And he is confident that his faithful friend can be relied upon to get him there if all other travel plans fail.
    • Is it clear to you to what extent you can trust your eyes and to what extent you can rely on them?
    • Whatever leadership and vision can be found in the private sector cannot be relied upon as genuine, and cannot be trusted.
    • However, in our scenario, the bank simply relies upon Annabel's signature as evidence that she visited an independent advisor.
    • As an artist I rely upon the support and patronage of a public audience; I rely upon my words and images being seen as I created them.
    • It is impossible to grasp them in full by relying on a single, specific example.
    • A fiduciary is someone in a position of trust who is relied upon by a vulnerable person.
    • This is a situation where an ally, the United States, can rely upon us, can trust upon us.
  • 2

    (be dependent)
    basarse en
    to rely on sb/sth for sth
    • we rely on the spring for our water dependemos del manantial para el suministro de agua
    • never rely on him for help nunca cuentes con que él te va a ayudar
    • to rely on sb/sth to + inf
    • I was relying on you to lend me the money/on the device to work contaba con que tú me prestarías el dinero/con que el dispositivo funcionaría
    • So to single it out is to ignore the fact that today's society demands and relies upon such packaging.
    • You would think we would not have to rely upon public assistance to make ends meet.
    • The public relies on the watchdog role of the press to be informed about their political leaders.
    • They become destitute and homeless, relying on charity for shelter and food.
    • Morocco is dependent on imported fuel for most of its energy needs, and also relies on imports to meet food requirements.
    • However, we still rely entirely on the generosity of the public for funding.
    • Even branded goods are sometimes forced to rely on that elasticity of demand to boost flagging sales.
    • There is more than just the pieces you have, the entire game relies upon the manner in which you use those pieces.
    • For those people who rely on income support (social assistance), their income support is way too low.
    • Coherence in language relies in part on basic devices like number agreement.
    • But crew training should be centrally funded, not relying upon donations from the general public.
    • The few remaining teachers rely solely on donations from various sources for their survival.
    • The charity relies upon voluntary support to provide the majority of their annual costs and support like this is very important to them.
    • This furnace differed from the previous one in that it did not rely upon the air surrounding the furnace for the air required by its combustion chamber.
    • She didn't own a car herself and relied on public transportation and friends to get around town.
    • This solution requires cooperation between producers and government, but it also relies upon market forces.
    • The school still relies heavily on donations from the community to pay the salaries of seven of its 27 teachers.
    • Instead, she should recognize that the body requires more than just food and that the body politic relies upon harmonious social relations for its health.
    • The charity relies on donations to provide its services free to clients.
    • The program still relies on volunteers to help publicize and finance the building.