Translation of remake in Spanish:


nueva versión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈriˌmeɪk//ˈriːmeɪk/


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    nueva versión feminine

transitive verbremade

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    (sth done badly) volver a hacer
    (sth done badly) rehacer
    • From building desks, repairing or remaking doors or operating heavy equipment, Hall said no task was too great.
    • This utter neglect of a celebrated director is the real cause for anger, not the fact that his most popular work was remade.
    • Have any of our readers had much luck taking apart a ready-to-wear garment and remaking it?
    • Try as we can, we just can't see the point of movies being remade into musicals.
    • Nowadays, if scanning the movie listings gives us any indication, most of the foreign films being remade are cult Japanese horror flicks.
    • They don't think Americans will get our series, so they're remaking it.
    • I had a lot of difficulties when I had to do songs for films being remade in Hindi.
    • There's just something about it that doesn't translate that well… Or maybe it is just the utterly pointless concept of remaking it identically here.
    • While the remake of Japanese horror might be novel, remaking a film has become standard Hollywood practice.
    • He looked at the damage and knew it was very unlikely he could fix it without almost entirely remaking the robot.
    • Is remaking a competitor's commercial with a very different meaning a protected parody?
    • Relationships are not given in kinship but rather need to be made and continually remade.
    • I got the impression he didn't think much of the idea of remaking it, although he was trying to be polite about the whole thing.
    • I ask whether he feels under pressure remaking a solid gold classic.
    • This ruins the heads after 3 or 4 scenes, so you have to be good at remaking a model in exactly the same way.
    • The actor is remaking the classic ‘War of the Worlds,’ based on the H.G. Wells novel.
    • Community is not a fixed social unit, but a network of social interactions that are continually remade.
    • Why did you decide to hand this over to another director instead of remaking it yourself?
    • The fact that he is working again is already a blessing, and the fact that he is remaking a masterpiece doesn't in this case mean any reversion to formula.
    • Remaking movies is always a risky endeavor, and remaking a classic can border on the foolhardy.
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    (in light of new circumstances)
    (plans) rehacer
    (plans) cambiar
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    to remake a movie hacer una nueva versión de una película